The Rise of The Shine Movement London The Pass it Forward Party Comes to The Capital

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We attended the first London Shine Movement event, held at 44 Acres Shoreditch. Here’s our account of the evening.

There’s a lot of great stuff about The Shine Movement, it’s shiny, it’s fun, it’s a great place to meet and connect, and there is a tangible vibe of inspiration and purpose in the room. This is exemplified by their USP of taking the ticket money and handing it to a raffle drawn audience member offering them the opportunity to pass it forward in any way that will help the wider community and report back on it next time.

October 12th saw the very first Shine event in the capital straight from LA via New York. The Shine was brought to London by Michael Miller and Jillian Lavender – founders of The London Meditation Centre – through their friendship with The Shine Movement originator, Light Watkins.

Light was here in London on the night to explain the how, why and what’s behind The Shine; it’s a good story.

Back in 2014 Light was based in LA and living the healthy life as a yoga teacher but finding entertainment that wasn’t either culturally, or chemically mind-numbing hard to come by, he decided to host the party himself.

He rented out a Westside dance studio for the night and invited a few friends to get together to listen to some live chilled music, meditate and socialize in a low-key alcohol and drug-free environment.

Second time round Light figured he’d invite a few more people and perhaps start to charge a few dollars to pay for the room. So when 20 people showed up he figured on maybe making $200 to pay a few months’ rent in advance, but somehow there was an expectation disparity and he ended up with just $56.

Reflecting later on the reality of using the takings to pay just a couple of weeks’ hand to mouth rent, Light had the insight that to give the cash away for someone else to use as free money for a wider benefit and report back next time might be an interesting experiment. As soon as he made that decision Light’s sober party concept started to take off very quickly.

Not surprising really, after all like aligns with like, and more and more of us are searching our urban lifestyles for connection and meaning that doesn’t result in a heavy hangover the next day.

As you would expect the meditation was beautifully led by Michael and Jillian, the acoustic sounds from Panama Dave Parrett was mellow, and the inspiration came in the form of a funny yet extremely honest talk by Planet Organic founder Renee Elliott about how integrity is the pump prime of commercial success, whatever field of endeavour you’re ploughing.

The next Shine London event will happen in early February 2018 and as we all know time is relative and the date will appear and disappear before we know it. They’re looking for volunteers and ideas for guests and a nice big venue, here’s how to get involved.

The Shine Movement 

On the night, a lady with ticket number 56 was given £250 and four months to use her ‘winnings’ to positively impact as many Londoners as possible with her free money, they’re going to film it… No pressure then.








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