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inhere – The Smart Drop in Meditation Studio at Monument 

meditation room 2 - inhere – The Smart Drop in Meditation Studio at Monument 

inhere – The Smart Drop in Meditation Studio

@ The Light Centre Monument


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New meditation space inhere promises a welcome respite for city workers during the day. James Langton tries it out…

There are plenty of city workers who routinely create space for some form of meditation in their daily life, whether at home upon rising, sitting on the train with a quiet mind and an app, or enjoying some stillness in the evening after work.

Finding the time or space to meditate during the working day is, perhaps, not so easy.

However, this is often when we need it most. Work pressures mount up, people and situations don’t conform to the way we’ve made our plans and we can momentarily feel stuck and overwhelmed. The new inhere drop-in meditation facility at the Light Centre at Monument looks like a really helpful third space for those moments.

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Adiba Osmani, founder of inhere

Located in the heart of the city, inhere is an independently run business founded by Adiba Osmani, who has clearly put a lot of thought into how meditation is experienced.

Her understanding of the applied scientific benefits of the practice is reflected in the choice of seven different guided modules which are available at different times of the day in sessions lasting five, twenty or thirty minutes.

Keen to try it out one morning, I booked a session. It’s a small space for no more than six or or seven people; calm and welcoming as you would expect. The breathing and meditation exercises are audio-guided so you can tune in undisturbed and undistracted.

My early morning pre-office experience was very pleasant, leaving me ready for my morning meeting with a natural alertness. For once I didn’t feel the need of a coffee sharpener on the way in.

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(Image: inhere)

Clearly, if work problems are structural then it will probably take more than a few guided meditation sessions to learn to habitually step back and find solutions, but I can really see the advantages of using a quiet place to meditate during the working day,

Of course drop-in meditation close to a work location doesn’t have to be crisis driven. It can also be a useful way to get back into regular practice in a pleasant neutral and convenient space without the fuss of changing for a full blown yoga class.

Meditation sessions at inhere cost £2 for five minutes, rising to £20 for 30 minutes. The first five-minute session you book is currently free.


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