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3 Day Mental Wealth Festival: Covent Garden Explore Your Mental Wealth

MWF 2016 6 - 3 Day Mental Wealth Festival: Covent Garden

London’s City Lit college hosts a three-day festival examining the widest possible variety of mental health issues. If you’re interested in understanding more about the challenges of finding and maintaining optimum mental wellbeing this is the place to be in September.

The Mental Wealth Festival features talks, debates, seminars and mindful activities, it’s a broad programme, celebrating many aspects of life that contribute to people’s mental wellbeing.

This year the festival is taking place at City Lit venue in Covent Garden, as well as The Houses of Parliament and The National Gallery, and will be exploring the ‘human face of wellbeing’, The festival is designed to help festival-goers move beyond the usual mental health statistics and to encounter real stories, discovering how we can achieve and celebrate mental wealth.

The festival is amazingly accessible with day passes for a huge variety of events from £3.00 for those unemployed or struggling on a low wage. And up to £10.00 for those working.


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