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Profile: Body Orchestra Bodywork and holisitic movement

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Introducing Body Orchestra

Body Orchestra offers one-to-one bodywork and movement sessions, as well as group classes combining pilates, yoga, ideokinesis (Franklin method) and applied functional movement science.

Would I benefit?

Body Orchestra can help a broad spectrum of clients of all ages. It’s designed for anyone seeking to improve body awareness, release tension, create freedom of movement, and develop strength and support, as well as improve overall wellbeing.

What to expect?

Body Orchestra offers a choice of individual bodywork treatments including structural integration, active fascial release, scar tissue release, tapping and functional movement training.

Group classes often use small props such as bands and balls to add challenge and variety. There is a mix of exercises for strength, flexibility and awareness.


Founder and coach Ramona Peoples is passionate about anatomy and the body in motion, which she combines when working with clients, both on and off the treatment table and in classes. It’s this combination of interests that keeps her learning and exploring and she brings these expertise to her classes.

Most permanent and progressive results are obtained by undergoing a series of sessions where the entire body is worked systematically. Through the course of these sessions clients are likely to achieve a shift. Unlike a regular monthly massage, the Structural Integration approach can achieve a real change on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, behaviourally and spiritually.

Find out more in our interview with Ramona.

What Body Orchestra’s clients say

“I only started the class a few weeks ago and I was amazed at the benefit I felt even after the first lesson (and I can be a bit cynical about claims like this!). It’s a nice pace, very relaxing, and Ramona is very patient and good at putting you at ease”

“Thank you for the care and attention you have shown me in your classes. You really know your subject and it comes through”


One-to-one sessions: £60 (one hour)
Group classes: £10-£15 (one hour)


T: 07966 741 296

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