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The Get Well Clinic at Zen Yoga Camberwell Affordable Community Acupuncture Tuesdays

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A sociable and accessible service that makes acupuncture treatment available to more members of the public through reduced treatment fees.

Chinese medicine, through acupuncture, lifestyle and dietary changes, focuses on the resolution of symptoms, health and vitality in all areas through assessing and refining balance and harmony. Whether you are looking for short term solutions such as resolving pain and injury, or clearing a cold, or chronic conditions such as anxiety, heart disease and cancer, Chinese medicine helps you achieve lasting benefits.

‘Community’ or ‘multibed’ acupuncture sees a number of treatment tables in the same room so several people can be treated at once, with partitions dividing the space. Whilst there is not the same privacy as one-to-one treatments, most people readily enjoy this setting, enjoying the benefits of a group environment – where knowledge, stories and friendship can be readily shared.

The clinic was founded by acupuncturist George Monkhouse LicAc MBAcC in 2014 to provide treatment to the larger community who otherwise cannot access the ancient practice of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

The low cost multi-bed community acupuncture model

By treating everyone in the same room, where you can lie on the treatment table with needles in whilst the acupuncturist goes to the next patient, allows for a model whereby treatment fees can be reduced, whilst often connecting you with people in similar states of health. This low cost approach does not compromise the highest level of care, and a powerful healing force is created by the qi field of several people treated in the same space. There is a separate room where anything private can be discussed with your acupuncturist in complete secrecy; however, people soon report how much they enjoy the communal setting once they realise that many people share similar health conditions and sharing stories and effective remedies is greatly therapeutic. The Get Well Clinic operates by acupuncture patients treated on treatment tables separated from the ear acupuncture area and reception area by two large screens. Blankets can cover your body for warmth and privacy, and with loose fitting clothing for easy access to the legs, arms, abdomen and back you do not need to undress.

07985 903 715
Where: Zen Yoga 2D Camberwell Grove
London SE5 8RE