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Autumn Conscious Breathwork workshops with Alan Dolan

workshop - Autumn Conscious Breathwork workshops with Alan Dolan
Written by James Langton
Conscious Breathing

Whether you’re seasoned in Conscious Breathing or looking to try something different, then now is a great opportunity to join Alan at one of his London workshops this autumn.

Humans have been aware of the healing power of their breath for millennia. Through the centuries we’ve developed a vast array of breathing practices, all designed to bring about physical and emotional wellbeing and connect with our deeper selves.

Conscious breathing is a powerful and safe way to infuse the body with oxygen and energy, recharging our own (often depleted) systems to work to their healing capacity. And it facilitates openings to higher levels of consciousness, allowing us to tap into our deeper resources and live our lives joyfully and in abundance.

With breathwork we can enjoy optimum health, mental and emotional clarity, and experience an ever-deepening relationship with ourselves. It’s the means by which we can embark upon the ultimate journey: the one where we discover who we really are. And it can facilitate the growth needed in order for us to transform into who we’re capable of becoming


September 1st Indaba Yoga Marylebone 1:30 – 4:30 

September 15th Re-Centre Hammersmith 1:30 -4:30

October 20th Core Clapton Hackney 1:30 – 4:30

All at £65

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What to Expect

Workshops generally happen in a yoga studio and usually comprise about 30-45 participants. No previous experience is necessary. Breathwork is a benign and yet powerful modality with no known contraindications. All you need to bring along is yourself, dressed in comfy, loose clothing.

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Alan will give a short introduction to the workings and benefits of breathwork, followed by a demonstration of the technique with a volunteer. There’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions, then it’s into the group breathing session. You’ll lie on your back or in a slightly elevated position and the whole group will breathe together. All participants will be guided and coached through the sessions by Alan’s team of certified facilitators. During the group breathe you will have your own very individual experience. Sensations of physical and/or physical or emotional release are not uncommon. Most people experience an increasing sense of peace and wellbeing. Whatever your experience you can be sure that it’s just the beginning of an incredible journey. Welcome to the world of conscious breathing

On conclusion of the group breathe there will be a further opportunity for questions as well as advice on how to initiate your self-practice.


Please get in touch for available slots. Both the workshops and 1-1 sessions fill up quickly so book well in advance to avoid disappointment.1-1 sessions generally take place on the days before and/ or after the workshops

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Phone Enquiries: 020 8133 8860

About Alan

Alan Dolan, founder of Breathguru® and breath coach, has spent 15 years changing people’s lives (not least his own) with the simple power of breathing.

After graduating from Aston University in the UK he worked overseas in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, forging a career in the high-pressure world of communications. His last position in his “previous incarnation” was as a PR manager in the Aerospace industry.

After taking a sabbatical in order to pursue his interest in things metaphysical and gaining certification in yoga instruction, transpersonal hypnotherapy and counselling, Alan was introduced to the wonders of breathwork and immediately knew that this would form the foundation of the next stage of his journey. Through training with the founder of the Transformational Breath® technique Dr Judith Kravitz, between 2004 and 2011, he reached the highest level of certification possible and continues to learn every day as he works with clients and groups around the world.

Breathwork Retreats on Lanzarote

Much of Alan’s work with Conscious Breathing takes place one-on-one with clients, who come year-round to his retreat in the hillside village of Oasis de Nazaret on the beautiful island of Lanzarote.

Alan thinks of Lanzarote as the ‘other therapist’ in the equation and refers to it as ‘the Magic Island’ – not so much rabbits and hats but peak experiences and life-changing results.

In essence Breathguru® Retreats are about taking time out to deepen and improve the quality of the relationship you have with yourself. Alan thinks of them as ‘fast track evolution’. Each person has their own unique experience. For some, it’s about getting physically healthier, for others it may be about working with mental or emotional issues, and others may have more ‘spiritual’ goals in mind. Often it’s a mixture of all these things.

As each person’s needs are unique the format is as flexible and informal as possible. The only things scheduled each day are your two breath sessions: one 1-1 and one group (maximum 5 people). Some people choose to focus completely on breathwork. Other guests choose to add extra bodywork sessions or a little island exploration into the mix. Alan lives in Lanzarote all year round – except when he’s running workshops elsewhere in the world – and guests can book a retreat at a time to suit them. Most come for a week but it’s possible to come for as little as 4 days or for as long as a month.

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