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Lucia No 3 Lucid Light Experience Farringdon Saturdays A Truly Unique Experience For Each Consciousness Explorer

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Lucia N°03 invites the light traveler to let go of the stresses of daily life and relax into a beautiful world of colors, patterns and images created by their own brain.

Lucid Light Experience Consciousness Expansion, Spiritual Awareness, 3rd Eye Activation, Experiencing beyond Time, Space & Physical reality – all can be effortlessly accessed with the assistance of Lucia 3, in a Lucid Light Experience.

Drs Proeckl & Winkler have created Lucia 3, a kinetic light device, enabling you to effortlessly achieve transformational experiences with all the Health & Relaxation side effects .

“The Lucid Light Experience creates a sense of deep relaxation, dissipating Time & Space, allowing the viewer to experience different dimensions of the self. ”

Dare to explore…

  • The Hypnagogic Light Experience effortlessly produces:
  • Quick & sustained deep Relaxation
  • The feeling of being Outside One’s Body
  • Spiritual or Transcendental experiences
  • Being beyond Time & Space
  • “Deceleration”
  • Enhanced Joy of Living
  • Limited Availability in London 30min (£25) or 60min (£40) sessions From 10am

When: 2019 Dates: Saturdays 

June: 15th | 29th – July: 13th | 27th – Aug: 10th | 24th – Sept: 7th | 21st – Oct: 5th | 19th – Nov: 2nd | 16th | 30th – Dec: 14th

Where: Terapia Consultancy 9 Coldbath Square Farringdon EC1R 5HL


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