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Firm Feet in January Dance in the Dark

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This month Firm Feet treat us to some extra Renovation and Full Moon dances as well as their usual Friday night Dance in the Dark sessions.

Dance in the dark – Friday 11th January 7.30-9.30pm

Psychedelic Society 8 Mackintosh Lane, E9

Self Renovation Dance in the dark with gong bath – Monday 14th January 7.30-9.30pm

Green Lens Studio, 4A Atterbury Road, Harringay, N4

Dance in the dark – Friday 18th January 7.30-9pm.

Yonder  4-6a, Hooker’s Rd, London E17 6DP

Super Blood Wolf Moon Dance in the dark – Sunday 20th January 5-7pm

Centre17, 1 Church Hill, E17 3AB


Firm Feet’s Dance in the dark sessions can be a part of your regular meditation, dance or bodywork practice. There is nothing to learn or follow, it is simply a space to dance. Nobody is watching you. There is no judgement and no right or wrong. Dance in the dark sessions are set in a warm, lowly-lit, atmospheric and calming environment. You are invited to move in your own space, barefoot, with closed or with lowered eyes. In darkness, there is no visual stimulation, which allows us to drop deeper into meditation, finding our natural rhythm, calming and letting go of the mind.


As we work on our bodies we are able to focus on a balanced mental and physical well being. Movement is a crucial stage of healing and personal development. People often come away feeling reformed, with a sense of liberation, purpose and self empowerment. Firm Feet sessions focus on the self, going inward, enquiring inside and are considered a movement or active meditation. Dancing is scientifically proven to raise endorphins and serotonin which can boost your overall happiness and balancing everyday mental health. Dance strengthens the body, is a great low cardio vascular exercise, enhances balance, flexibility and agility and can even improve sleep, stress.


Dance is used creatively, therapeutically and recreationally to help let go of things we no longer want or need. You often hear people comment about how they are going to ‘lose it on the dance floor’ or ‘get lost in the music’. Each session will feature a carefully selected playlist designed to tap into different moods and emotions which can enable catharsis and create freedom of the body and mind. Focusing on deep electronic, experimental, drumming, ambient and uplifting music from every corner of the globe. You can reach exhilarating and euphoric highs through music, breath and your body.


Dancing in low lighting and a meditative space. Great music. Barefeet. Silent dancing. Some time for yourself.

AM Morning Meditation sessions are invigorating and we often dance in natural light. You can close your eyes to go further inward.

PM Dance in the dark sessions, we dance with as little light as possible, to drop deeply into meditation.

Bring friends, a water bottle and loose and layered clothing.