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Profile: Yoga Beez Children's yoga and mindfulness

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Introducing Yoga Beez

Yoga Beez offers mindful yoga classes for children, covering the full curriculum and stimulating all aspects of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development. The emphasis is on exercising, educating and empowering children through a unique approach that integrates yoga with mindfulness and the Montessori teaching method.

Would my child benefit?

Since 2007, Yoga Beez has been running open and private classes for children aged 0 to 18, including children diagnosed with learning difficulties such as ADD, ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders or dyspraxia. Yoga Beez works with schools, nurseries, teachers, and parents to deliver custom-fit classes and sessions that meet individual requirements.

What to expect?

Yoga Beez currently offers private classes in different areas in London, as well as open classes held in Peckham (Gaia Studio) and Brockley (The Sunflower Centre). Custom-fit sessions can be requested by parents and teachers and arranged in schools and nurseries, as well as private group or individual sessions.

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Almost all children respond to the experience of stillness and bliss they feel in shivassana (the relaxation pose). It is something they very much need.

Through learning the awareness of their breathing, children gain tools that allow them to shift emotions. This promotes self-worth and confidence. Yoga and mindfulness are really about setting up a lifetime practice and teaching life skills.

Founder Bryony says the girls that attending YogaBeez first class in 2007 have now grown into beautiful young women who are confident and express themselves without reservations.

“We have recently run a two-week taster pilot course of 15-minute sessions each day for Year 3 children in a local state school,” Bryony says. “On the first day, 85% of children were messing around. On the last day, only 10% of them were running around and 90% were totally on board.”

What Yoga Beez clients say

“I love yoga, it makes me feel nice and relaxed. I wish I could do it all day!” Eddie, 5


Six-session course: £45


T: 07941 006285
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