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Special Yoga Centre Redefining what our society perceives as possible of people with special abilities

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Special Yoga is on a mission is to inclusively and holistically support children with additional needs through a multi-dimensional methodology. This unique method – combining yoga with mindfulness – is founded on a firm belief that all children deserve to experience peace, joy and fulfilment of their potential. Special Yoga trainings are specifically created to address the requirements of children and adults with special needs.

Dedicated practitioners of Special Yoga are passionate about supporting those individuals who often needed to draw upon unimaginable reserves of courage and resilience in their lives, as Nicole Schnackenberg puts it in her Special Yoga blog post.

The visionary behind Special Yoga

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Jyoti Manuel, Founder of Special Yoga & Lead Practitioner has supported children with special and additional needs for over quarter of a century. Jyoti is a spiritual leader and mentor for all of our practice work. Setting the standard for a positive approach towards teaching yoga that our practitioners across the world reinforce.

Community is at the heart of who we are, and it’s due to the passion and commitment of our family, friends and community leaders that helps us to grow to support more children with special and additional needs through Special Yoga.

Special Yoga designs and delivers bespoke training programmes to teach Special Yoga methodology and practices to paediatric professionals, teachers and teaching support staff working with children with special needs in mainstream and special needs schools.

Special Yoga provide consultancy paediatric services for CCG’s, Councils, Local Education Authorities, individual schools and paediatric organisations, designing and deliver bespoke multi service provision staff trainings. Special Yoga also offers similar services and collaborations with day care centres, charities, hospitals, hospices, and other community organisations.

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What are the particular benefits of Special Yoga?

All children can benefit from the therapeutic service that Special Yoga provide. Their conviction is borne from working with thousands of special children throughout the years and witnessing the profound and far-reaching effects that their pioneering form of Special Yoga has on the lives of every child it reaches.

The techniques SY uses and teaches create further potential for increased abilities in children with special needs across many areas, including sensory input, communication, speech and language, physical and energetic alignment, and reduction in anxiety and associated behaviours. The practices also bring profound wellbeing and stress reduction for the occupational therapists themselves, which in turn improves the efficacy of the sessions with children.

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Special Yoga also offers a range of specialised teacher training courses to parents, care workers and existing yoga practitioners to enable them to support children with special needs using Special Yoga therapeutic interventions.