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Transformational Breath ® with Big Breath Company Reclaim Your Breath

Big Breath - Transformational Breath ® with Big Breath Company

50% of adults breathe using only their upper chest. On a physical level, in Transformational Breathing we teach how to use the full respiratory system, from the diaphragm up. We essentially re-introduce you to your diaphragm. Through this, you are going to put more oxygen into your body whilst massaging your internal organs, this sort of breath-work offers profound benefits for physical and mental wellness.

Monthly Meet Up 29th September 2018

Transformational Breath - Transformational Breath ® with Big Breath Company

The intention of the group is to meet once a month to practice Transformational Breath within a safe and nurturing environment, to keep in touch with friends of Transformational Breath, and to have a group facilitated session led by Elif & Sarah. We will be running these events regularly each month until the end of the year.

Elif Clarke & Sarah Jons have formed The Big Breath Company Monthly Group for people who have already been to a Transformational Breath workshop, or seminar, or have had at least 1 1-1 session. If you haven’t experienced Transformational Breath before you need to attend a Transformational Breath Introductory workshops.


How should I prepare for this event?

You will know the session is over an hour in length lying on a floor. The venue is a Church Hall and the temperature is a bit variable. Wear layers and wrap up warm in colder weather. Bring a water bottle, as you will know breathwork makes you thirsty. Also, it’s good to wear layers of clothing so you can wrap up if you get cold, or remove layers if you get hot. Please arrive promptly we will start at 11 am.

Reclaim Your Breath 24th – 25th November

Reclaim - Transformational Breath ® with Big Breath Company

What if there was a chance for you to bring more balance, energy, peace, and joy in your life? Would you not seize the opportunity to experience it?

Everyone knows that we breathe to live, that breath gives us life. However not many realise if we’re not breathing efficiently then we’re not present in our bodies. Or that we unconsciously use our breath to repress and suppress our emotions which can over time lead to illness and disease. Simply, breath is a crucial indicator of physical, emotional and spiritual health and the impact it has on our quality of life gets overlooked.

Reclaim Your Breath weekend is an opportunity for you to go deeper with this powerful self-healing tool – Transformational Breath®. By consciously opening your breath you allow unconsciously held physical trauma and negative emotion, to release and integrate. The benefits are better holistic health and opportunity for spiritual connectivity and growth. You will experience 4 full breath sessions and 2 shorter breath sessions.


Reclaim Your Breath® weekend is non-residential in the small room at the Wheatsheaf. We will be providing lunch each day. Limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

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