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Inspire: Donna Noble: Body Positive Advocate & Yogi

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Written by James Langton

Donna Noble

images - Inspire: Donna Noble: Body Positive Advocate & Yogi

What do you do?

I teach yoga, blog, and advocate body positive within the fitness industry

What is your greatest challenge at the moment?

My great challenge at the moment is being organized and not procrastinating

What is your greatest joy?

My greatest joy is sharing the gift of yoga with individuals that would not normally consider doing yoga.  So that everyone can experience its many benefits both on and off the yoga mat.

Do you follow your own advice?

I try to but it is not always possible, but I am getting better at doing this.

What is your message for larger bodied people who think yoga is not for them

My message is yoga isn’t just for one body, but for everybody. There are the usual excuses, “I’m not flexible enough, not having the right clothes” etc – Start where you are right now and get on the mat.  Just look over in America at the work Jessamyn Stanley and Dana Falsetti  are doing and you can see what’s happening and what’s possible

There is a style of yoga for everyone.  If you have any concerns contact the teacher and talk to them prior to attending the class. My personal attitude is, if you have a body + you do some yoga you will find your own beautiful yoga body.

What’s are the benefits of a yoga class compared to a gym workout?

For sure Yoga connects mind and body but the focus you get in a class working together with others in a supportive non- competitive environment is the wonderful unexpected bonus every time.

A gym workout with your headphones on can be a bit of a drudge because sometimes we’re just trying to get through to try and get some incremental result at the other end.

Yoga teaches you acceptance allowing you to realise that you are perfect as you are.  Some gyms workouts or boot camps are about pushing yourself to your limit. In the gym, weights are used for strengthening, in yoga we use our natural body weight in certain postures to strengthen the body. Essentially our body becomes our natural weight.

Yoga can be done anywhere and you do not always need much more than your mat. You can even do yoga at your desk or in your bed.  With a gym workout, you usually need equipment and a bit of a setup

Everyone can practice yoga regardless of your shape, size age, ability or health.  Gym workouts are not necessarily designed to be therapeutic often it’s about pushing yourself very hard to get stronger which can be hard on the body particularly the joints over time

Yoga offers a time perspective as you become more focused and gain higher levels of concentration in every-day life. Yoga will teach you to breathe deeply and correctly helping to recognise and eliminate unnecessary mental stress.  Yoga is calming and teaches you how to slow down.  Being in the moment so that you can appreciate life more.

A week never goes by without

You guessed it… Practicing yoga

What makes you optimistic in the world?

How yoga can help to make the world a better place.

Which area of London resonates for you and why?

I am a Londoner a heart – although I am starting to appreciate country life more.  Dulwich resonates with me, as there is a village feel to it, providing that little bit of country life I sometimes yearn. There is so much greenery but it still gives you easy access to Central London. There is so much choice in terms of bars and cafes so you socialise on your doorstep,  I also love Dulwich Park and the lake.

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