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Inspire: iXi Avila, Emotional Intelligence Coach for Women

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Written by James Langton

For many women, and men of course, life just becomes a bit stuck. We feel unfulfilled and disconnected from what we know we are really capable of, but getting there seems just too hard, perhaps even impossible. Ixi coaches her clients to find the satisfaction in life that is all of our  birthrights. Sometimes it’s just a question of looking lovingly inside ourselves to find what truly gives us the happiness we deserve.

  • What do you do?

I am an Emotional Intelligence Coach for Women. My mission is to help women move from stress to satisfaction, from fear to fulfilment and from the past and future to the present. I run a program called Satisfaction, in which I help women find fulfilment in their daily actions. I focus on this because I feel that so many of us aim for conditional, results based happiness; I´ll be happy when . . . I believe Satisfaction resides in what we do today, and when you stop living for results on the horizon, your life becomes richer.

  • What is your greatest challenge at the moment?

To create a Worldwide Women’s Wellness Supportive Community in which Emotional Intelligence is prioritised, and we put our energy into creating a satisfying life unapologetically. I believe awareness is the first step of any process so to start with I am just focusing on that.

  • What is your greatest joy?

My relationships with the people I love: intimacy with my partner, moments of realization with my clients, endless conversations with my grandma, breakfast with my family and friends, me myself and I sessions, my morning routines.

  • Do you follow your own advice?

I do, I walk my own talk! I never share what hasn’t worked for me. That is an important principle for me. In fact, when I have a bad day for whatever reason, I find the sessions with my clients lift me up! It is a very rewarding job as you are constantly reminded of the tools and practices that you need to have in your life in order to feel satisfied. I feel particularly connected when helping people who suffer from anxiety as that is something I have experienced intensely and so it is very beautiful to be able to help others feel better about anxiety.

  • A week never goes by without…?

Self care. Quality time with myself and the most important people in my life. That is non-negotiable, it does not matter how busy I am. This is a priority and I always find time for it.

  • What Makes you optimistic in the world?

Human’s strength and our potential to adapt to new things and change for the better. I have been amazed by the progress most of the satisfaction women have made in a matter of only 8 weeks: Quitting smoking, changing self talk radically, accepting new challenges, changing life habits! I like focusing on the positive things that we are doing rather than on the negative ones. I love when you cross smiles with someone in the street, I love people who help.

  • How does your work as a theatre practitioner influence your coaching?

I use theatre techniques as a tool for the development of Emotional Intelligence. Acting is all about empathy and communication; with an audience but also yourself! You have to be aware of your mind and body, and how you are presenting them to others. There is also often a very powerful connection between how you ‘act’ and how you feel, so I use Theatre Games at the start of many of my sessions as I find they help us to connect to our bodies and to the present!

  • You Divide your time between Madrid and London, what are the cultural differences between the two cities when it comes to work life balance and achieving a holistic lifestyle?

There is something that all the major cities I have worked in have in common. London, Madrid, also Sydney; they are full of stress and speed, and the pace is a challenge when you try to live a balanced life in these places! I have noticed that many people feel exhausted, focused on achieving more and more and craving for rest.

The big differences between London and Madrid are mainly cultural I would say. The weather for instance affects a lot the cultures and also, people’s characters in a way. When it comes to finding the balance between socialising and self care, Spanish people socialise a lot and spontaneously due to the warm weather but struggle to find time for themselves. On the other side, in the UK socialising is more formal and organised and people stay in more because of the cold weather so it is easier to spend time by themselves but they struggle more with social skills. These are only generalisations but it is true that cultural differences play a part.

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