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Go Sweat The Stress London's Latest Fitness Portal

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Londoners exercise for many reasons: for physical strength, for agility and balance, to change body shape and for more and more of us to lift mood and manage stress and anxiety.

Regular exercise of some description is just about the best habit you can build for yourself but like everything in London there’s an almost too much choice,

We tend to end up finding something that works and sticking to it. That is until the moment when we realise that we’re finding excuses, our habits are not so regular and our exercise regime has become just that a regime and more chore than challenge.

This is where Go Sweat come in. The funky Go Sweat portal is chock full of reasonably priced or free activities and ideas for a challenging active lifestyle. Go Sweat disrupts the idea that exercise has to be the same thing, same time and same place.

Prices tend to be around the £10 mark for classes which is significantly less than some other fitness portals where paid membership is often required to snap up the best deals.

The (currently) South London focused fitness portal allows users to simply search for the activity they’re interested in enter the date and London area of choice to find what they’re looking for.

Ditch the stress and Go Sweat something different today.