Editor’s Message

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A warm welcome to all Londoners looking for a little less stress in their lives and a lot more choice when it comes to learning about the myriad of alternative and complementary health choices here in the capital.

As a native Londoner, I feel proud and grateful to live in one of the safest and most tolerant cities in the world. The changes I’ve seen since growing up in the north west suburbs as a child have been vast, not only the buildings and infrastructure but also the incredible diversity of people who have made London their home over the years.

It’s a cliché but whether you live or work here, or are just visiting, any time spent within the M25 is an experience shared with upward of 13 million others on a daily basis. At any time, on any given day, some of us will be gloriously happy with the way life is treating us whilst others are in despair, unable to imagine that one day things will be better.

And so it goes. No life, however golden from the outside, is immune from upset. And yet things change; we heal, we grow and L-SL is here to help explore and express the commonality of that experience.

Stress can be useful. It gets us out of bed in the mornings and helps us fulfil our life goals. And yet debilitating stress symptoms such as exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia, frustration and depression can leave us feeling temporarily weak, unfocused and vulnerable when we need to be at our best.

Is London a more stressful place to live than other parts of the UK and beyond? Quite the opposite. Because however lonely we are in the big city there are choices; neighbourhoods, communities and, crucially, other Londoners to bond with over an evening or a weekend activity and shared interest.

The capital is also home to many of the world’s best therapists, health practitioners and wellness destinations. Less-Stress London has been created to offer the first truly holistic directory of health and wellbeing services for Londoners, with offers and information from a carefully curated range of experts in the fields of mind, body, movement and a good healthy lunch.

Enjoy, and keep checking in as we build and grow over the coming months.

James Langton