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London Dare to Keep on Loving

Dare to keep on Loving  810x540 - London Dare to Keep on Loving

I spent 10 years as owner of New City Gallery 65 Borough High Street. in those days the food market was strictly night-time, wholesale for the restaurant and hotel trade.

No Tate Modern no Shard, and no Jubilee Line. I traded through two recessions and worked seven days a week to pay the rent every quarter.

I sold up the day Tony Blair became Prime Minister, things could only get better and truly they did, not only for me but for The Borough one of my favourite parts of London.

One of my great London pleasures since then has been the transformation of the old fruit and veg market in to London’s culinary capital, I’ve lost count of the number of visitors from all over the world I’ve taken for a coffee at Monmouth’s and breakfast at Maria’s.

My heart goes out to everybody on London Bridge Saturday night.

The visitors, the bankers, the barrow boys, the waitresses, the sandwich guys, the newspaper boys from The Express and News International. Love you all. Nobody deserves to be a victim of, or to witness such brutality. Meaningless acts of ego and cowardice.

Thank you the emergency services, the doctors, the nurses and the generosity of the Borough’s next generation of shop owners. Thank you for the artist whoever you are, someone who dares to keep on loving, and loving my city. Love you right back.

L-SL Editor

James Langton