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Introducing the British Association of Anger Management

The British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) is the UK’s leading centre of excellence and expertise for anger, stress and conflict management. It offers support, workshops, seminars and bespoke packages to help organisations, individuals, couples, families, children and young people find a way of managing stress and anger.

Beating Anger 1 (BA1) is a 10-week evening course in central London. This runs for three hours per week, usually on a Wednesday evening. There is also an intensive, three-day course covering the same 30-hour programme over a weekend called Beating Anger 2 (BA2). This run in East Grinstead, Bristol, and Birmingham. BAAM is hoping to expand this weekend programme to Derby, Glasgow and Manchester.

The BAAM also offer one-to-one support, in person or via Skype, and a one-day introductory workshop called Calming Strategies.

Would I benefit?

The BAAM has users from across the board – young and old, male and female, and from a wide range of different backgrounds. “You could have, for example, a director of a multi-million dollar company sitting right next to a local builder who doesn’t have access to his kids,” explains Mike Fisher, founder and director of the BAAM. “They all meet in the distress of their anger, and they tend to get on incredibly well.”

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What to expect?

In the workshops, participants sit in a circle and facilitators lead what Mike Fisher calls “a psycho-educational process”. It’s not therapy, he stresses (although there is a therapeutic dimension to the programmes). It’s a space to learn skills and tools through exercises and experiences. Through these participants discover what anger isn’t, rather than what anger is – and that is the game-changer.

Participants should expect to have their cages rattled by the programme. It’s not just a concept or an idea that’s being presented. It’s about having a direct encounter with their own pathologies.
In BAAM’s last survey of past participants, 82% said the techniques and tools they learnt were still working 18 months later. A further 15% said the programme worked but only when they really applied it.

What British Association of Anger Management’s clients say

“The weekend course with Mike Fisher was truly remarkable and totally inspirational. It was a journey of discovery for us all that not only uncovered patterns and feelings in a very warm, safe space, but that shone light in a beautiful way on the essence of what it is to be human. Mike masterfully led, supported and inspired the group to identify and acknowledge their feelings, and left us with the tools to carry the work achieved over the weekend into our lives”

Beating Anger 1 and Beating Anger 2 programmes: £620 each, including workbooks
One-to-one support in person: £165 per hour (available in London, East Grinstead and Guildford)
One-to-one support via Skype or FaceTime: £135 per hour (minimum 16 hours commitment)
One-day Calming Strategies workshop: £65


T: 0345 1300 286

Further reading

Mindfulness and the Art of Managing Anger by Mike Fisher is available from Amazon.

Anger tests and more resources available from the BAAM website.