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World Mental Health Day

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World Mental Health Day reminds us how important it is to talk about mental health in our society and how our physical and mental challenges are so often entwined.

Let’s also remember the positives, as more of us share the experience of mental distress and illness so it becomes clearer that we cannot rely on Government to prioritise this issue. Somehow communities and good people often manage to fill the gap against all odds.

This year has seen greater awareness and acceptance by the media of mental health issues and whatever we think of our press that is an important breakthrough in terms of influence.

Today I’m thinking of the many thousands of carers the world over, caring for family and loved ones who are undergoing mental distress

There are many challenges ahead, uncertainty can make life very difficult for us all, but let’s keep compassion in our hearts, and try and see mental diversity as a blessing and a challenge we meet with grace and fortitude.