Forest Bathing ~ Shinrin Yoku: Highgate

forest bathing - Forest Bathing ~ Shinrin Yoku: Highgate

08/08/2018 @ 11:30 am – 1:30 pm –

These relaxing and restorative sessions combine meditation, mindful awareness and nature-therapy practices and take place in enchanting and healing woodlands in North London.

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Date(s) - 08/08/2018
11:30 am - 1:30 pm

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Queen's Wood

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There’s no water, immersed instead in the sights, sounds and atmosphere of the surrounding nature.

We think of water when we hear the word bathing but there’s no water here. Submerged instead in enchanting and healing woodlands in North London, Forest Bathing is a practice developed in Japan during the 1980s, one that has become a cornerstone of Japanese healthcare.

Living a modern, urban life can be exciting, inspiring and full of possibility. It can also leave us feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted as our systems struggle to manage the demands of its fast pace, hectic lifestyle and constant stimulation.

In order to thrive, we need to find balance and to care for and nurture ourselves. Spending time in nature, in a mindful and meditative way has been shown to be a highly effective way of doing just that. The carefully designed activities in these Forest Bathing sessions deepen the sense of connection to self and to the natural world. As well as relaxation and pleasure, participants often report a deep sense of belonging, acceptance and safety while ‘bathing.’

claire forest - Forest Bathing ~ Shinrin Yoku: Highgate 

About Claire

Claire de Boursac is a nature-loving Londoner passionate about supporting fellow city-dwellers to improve their wellbeing through their connection to self and nature. A BACP registered humanistic psychotherapist, nature-based psychotherapist, and trained Walk for Health leader, Claire runs meditation walks in nature, seasonally themed self-development workshops and forest bathing sessions in addition to her therapy work with individuals.

What people have said about Forest Bathing sessions with Claire:

“I so enjoyed walking through such wild and enchanting woods in the middle of London… I reconnected with parts of myself that everyday stresses had pushed away for far too long. A massage for the senses, a massage for the soul…”

“Claire’s gentle, calm and holding guidance allowed me to feel safe enough to explore parts of my inner landscape in a very direct and powerful way”

“I left feeling grounded, centred and connected to myself. Having spent so much time in the concrete city with all its demands you have guided us into a nurturing and enriching space in nature”

“A beautifully connecting experience, in so many ways!”