Make Peace With Your Path Workshop with MoreYoga Brixton

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Date(s) - 21/09/2018
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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In celebration of the International Day of Peace we invite you to join us for an evening of finding Peace ~ on your mat, within yourself & with the path you wish to create. With 15% of ticket proceeds donated to the Skyway Charity

Liz will open the evening with a guided Yoga Nidra practise to create the space for you to peacefully connect back to yourself & your dharma ~ your souls purpose. Yoga Nidra is a meditation technique and one of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain; it helps to reduce stress in the mind & body, offers the opportunity to get to know yourself more intimately, helps to release creativity and focuses on cultivating multiple levels of well-being.

Alice will guide you through a powerful exercise, inviting you to get clearer on what you really want in your life and where it may currently be out of balance. Next you’ll make your personal vision board which you can take home and use as inspiration for the path you want to create in life. Finally you’ll have the chance to connect with your intuition and discover your first steps to making your vision a reality.

The workshop will end with a closing circle and some space to meet and connect with one another.

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Alice Carder, AKA The Self-Evolution Coach specialises in empowering you to create your best life from the inside out. Alice uses vision boards as a mindful tool to help tune into our desires and inspire us into action.

Liz Joy Oakley is a Yoga and Meditation teacher and Head of Vibes at MoreYoga. Liz uses breathe work, visualisation, sound, light touch and aromatherapy to create a safe space for your practise and is passionate about using Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation as tools in improving our health holistically

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