Aerial Relaxation Pods with Live Ambient Music: Thursdays

aerial relaxatino 810x572 - Aerial Relaxation Pods with Live Ambient Music: Thursdays

27/09/2018 @ 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm –

London’s first multi-sensory, aerial relaxation experience with Live ambient music, colour therapy and aromatherapy and featuring our sky-blue silky Aerial Hammocks.

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Date(s) - 27/09/2018
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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The Skylight Centre

Categories: Relaxation Sound
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Londoners stressed out by their busy lives can now turn to “Aerial Relaxation Pods” to transform their tension to calm, and restore the body’s natural healing wisdom.

Repetitive motions, like those experienced in the gentle rocking of a hammock, can soothe anxiety. Dr. Herbert Benson, founder of Harvard’s Mind/Body Medical Institute, recommends repetitive movement to elicit your body’s relaxation response. This reaction allows a lower heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension.

Seth Newman, from Bioenergetic Alchemy, says: Our pods are here to help Londoners relax. As a former teacher myself, I am fully aware just how busy and stressed a lot of people are. And most of us just don’t find the time to unwind. Our Aerial Relaxation Pods are going to help you alleviate stress, providing time & space to allow your body to deeply rest, harmonising your nervous system. You’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed after one session.”

About URUBU School of Transformational Arts

This school was founded to share with you, the many ways you can transform your wounds into your greatest strength, facilitating wholeness, and reclaiming the perfection that is already you.

Seth Newman, MA Community Arts, World Percussion Teacher, and Facilitator of Embodied Living Practices. From Festivals and Events to Intimate Retreats. He Has Taught Thousands Of Students, How To come Home into the life of the body.

As founder of the URUBU School of Transformational Arts, he integrates the roots of Humanistic therapies, Bioenergetics & Body Psychotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology and Tantra in creative and life-transforming workshops, retreats and trainings. His studies in the therapeutic use of the arts, Reichian body psychotherapy, Bioenergetics and somatic movement infuse his approach to living a creative, holistic & embodied life.

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