Morning Movement Meditation

goldendome 810x540 - Morning Movement Meditation
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Date(s) - 09/11/2018
10:15 am

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When you dance in darkness you can create your own cocoon and dance, only for yourself. The process can be deeply invigorating, liberating and healing but also light, fun and playful.

Charlotte Boyd – Firm Feet founder & facilitator


Firm Feet Open Movement meditation.

Dancing can boost your overall happiness, release serotonin and endorphins, balance the mind and body and is a great form of low impact cardiovascular exercise. Arrive in a warm, lowly-lit, atmospheric and calming environment. There is nothing to learn or follow, it is simply a space to dance. Nobody is watching you. Dance to deep electronic, experimental, uplifting drumming and ambient music from all over the globe. In darkness, there is no visual stimulation, which allows us to drop deeper into meditation and let go of the mind. People often come away feeling reformed, with a sense of liberation, purpose and self empowerment. No experience needed. £10.


Firm Feet is run by Charlotte Boyd, combining her experiences and qualifications with movement, integral thinking, macrobiotics and traditional healing systems. Charlie runs Open Movement Meditation classes and holds Body awareness consultations in and around London.

You can email Charlie with any questions or find out more about other sessions in North & East London on her website:

instagram @firmfeet