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Date(s) - 26/06/2019
9:30 am - 11:30 am

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Queen's Wood Cabin

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These relaxing and restorative sessions combine meditation, mindful awareness and nature-therapy practices and take place in enchanting and healing woodlands in North London.  There’s no water, immersed instead in the sights, sounds and atmosphere of the surrounding nature.

Shinrin Yoku (translated as forest bathing) is a practice developed in Japan during the 1980s and has become a cornerstone of Japanese preventative healthcare.  Significant research has been undertaken on the benefits to mental and physical wellbeing.
Spending time in nature in this way has been shown to help

  •  Reduce stress levels
  •  Lower heart rate
  •  Lower cortisol levels
  •  Reduce negative thinking/ rumination
  •  Increase wellbeing
  •  Increase empathy
  •  Increase creative thinking

…. and is deeply pleasurable!

The sessions start and finish with a short check-in.  The rest of the time we’re out in the woods connecting with nature through a series of simple exercises.  We always begin with awakening our senses so we can fully take in the world around us.  Each session is diferent as I vary the exercises according to the group and the weather.  Typically there will be some walking, some sitting meditation and some grounding.

£25 per session 
Places are limited, advance booking essential.

To book, please visit the Nature as Nurture meetup page.  If you have difficulty booking through Meetup, drop me an email.

Individual forest bathing sessions and bespoke group/ family sessions can be arranged.

About Claire  & Nature as Nurture

I’m a born and bred Londoner. Despite growing up in the city, I’ve always been a child of nature. Since my earliest years, earth beneath my nails and under my toes has brought delight and fired my imagination.

It’s no surprise then that nature is my place, my most sacred sanctuary, my deepest retreat and my wisest teacher. I’ve adventured, celebrated and healed in her ever-welcoming presence. I love her wildness, her strength, her fragility and her receptivity.  She continues to teach me to love and accept all these qualities (and more) in myself.

As a humanistic psychotherapist, I see a lot of clients struggling with stress, anxiety and overwhelm.  I noticed that when asked what they felt would help, many responded with ‘grounding’ or ‘stability’, using a tree or a mountain as metaphors for rooting. I’ve observed seasonal trends in people’s energy levels, desires and moods, often witnessing a tension and challenge with the change.  When we name and explore these shifts in terms of natural cycles, clients usually release their self-imposed pressure.  Allow nature to guide their body rhythms supported greater mental and physical wellbeing.

Nature entered my therapy practice organically and the next step was to complete nature-based psychotherapy training. For me, this was the completion of a circle, the natural progression of combining my own method of wellbeing in nature with my psychotherapy practice.

There are pockets of verdant space where nature presides within our concrete metropolis. Come with me and pause a while, using this beautiful and healing place to soothe, process, reconnect and find our way back to self, wholeness and wellbeing.