Sisterhood Circle: Sacred Union Embodiment

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Written by James Langton

08/11/2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm –

If you’re a woman yearning for this awakening – join our Sacred Sisterhood Circle in London

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Date(s) - 08/11/2019
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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Skylight Centre

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We are meeting monthly to bring harmony and healing into our life. We’ll do this by working together in a structured process, to help each other transform our lives in a wonderful way using a variety of Embodiment Practices & mystic wisdom teachings of SACRED UNION to support …

~ Deep groundedness to the Earth and within ourselves
~ Living from our heart
~ Healing of our emotional body
~ Awakening of the flow of life force
~ Joyful sensuality
~ Sexual sovereignty
~ Aliveness on physical, mental and spiritual levels

We will work with both the masculine & feminine aspects of ourselves to achieve this and a sense of inner union. If you’re a woman yearning for this awakening – join us!

The path to living from an open heart can be challenging. In the process of opening and connecting with our deep heart we are faced to meet our painful patterns and disappointments in life. In response to being hurt we often close ourselves off so we don’t feel the pain of these core wounds, but this prevents us from truly connecting with one another.

*** In these workshops we will explore how to anchor ourselves in a deeper wider centre within to hold these wounded parts of ourselves and love them back to life, so that we can live and love whole heartedly and experience deeper, more meaningful connections, following our soul’s purpose. Each workshop has a different theme. Together we will create a safe space to connect with the heart in a deeply grounded way, explore different meditative & embodiment practices, gentle movement & practices of Emotional Alchemy™. There will be plenty of time for sharing. These series are inspired by the transmissions of Mary Magdalene leading to teachings of Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine & Masculine. ***

Booking Details: General admission £23 – Book with a friend and save together

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About Martha your facilitator
Martha Egger B.C.S.T., R.C.S.T.

I draw from my own experience through my healing & awakening process and expertise as a Craniosacral Therapist & Embodiment Teacher. I feel a deep call to share wisdom & love for the evolution for all of us!

Martha is a cerfified CraniosacralTherapist B.C.S.T., R.C.S.T, holistic body worker, nurse, a transformational coach for Emotional Alchemy™ and has been facilitating Women’s Circles for the last few years in North London. She has undertaken various post graduate trainings including working with trauma & PTSD and has over 10 years experience of working with clients in private practice. Her own life experiences and ongoing path of transformation & healing allow her to be real, to meet you with an open, tender heart. Her clients appreciate her intuitive wisdom, genuine care, her ability to create a safe space with authenticity and deep presence.

Contact Details

Call or email Martha for a chat and to learn more about how joining a regular Sisterhood Circle will heal and empower you in equal measure

[email protected]
Tel: 07722403863
Follow Martha on Instagram: @beingalchemist

“I know many many of my female friends are yearning for something just like this and I would recommend it to each of them. Thank you very very much Martha Egger”

“Martha’s workshops all focus around the divine feminine & masculine, chakra & healing work. In her recent workshop ‘The Heart & Womb Connection’, we explored practices for rooting down to delve deep into the ‘true self’, igniting the power, warmth & beauty within the heart, and the womb, whilst tapping into strength & resilience to heal & embrace the wounds of the inner child. Deep stuff! & very recommended.”

“Held at an already beautiful studio she set up the circle with such love and devotion it hit me hard as soon as I walked in. The wisdom she shared with us about the sacred masculine and feminine was profound and incredibly transformative for me personally. As it’s 2.5 hours long nothing was rushed, we took time to do the practises, meditations, contemplations and discussions… we all opened up and spoke with ease and depth that only the security, safety and time provided for us by Martha could allow.”

“Thank you Martha for your warmth, your energy, your guidance and presence. I really felt deeply held and assured throughout.”

“So glad I managed to attend. The energy was beautiful and just what the Doctor should have ordered!”

“I could not ask for a more nurturing evening. It was special!”

“Magical, spiritual connected women!”

“Beautiful and nourishing space supported by wonderful women.”

“Thank you for a beautiful, peaceful experience!”