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Talking Sense

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Talking Sense is a FREE evening Hearing Voices Group in London. It is a 100% peer led and was created for those who are unable to attend any day group meetings.

The group meets at 7-8.30pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month in a private community hub in the Canvas Cafe in Brick Lane.

Canvas Cafe Voices Groups are peer support groups which provide the space to talk about experiences which may be difficult to talk about elsewhere. Everyone who attends our group, including the facilitators, have personal experience of unusual sensory perceptions.

We are interested in how each person understands their own experiences; without judgement.

The groups are free to attend but please enjoy a cup of tea or a slice of cake from the Canvas Cafe who kindly donate the space to us.

To find out whether this is a suitable group for you and to learn more about the Talking Sense Movement why not contact Lauren or Janey at [email protected]

To Express your interest REGISTER HERE

Visit the website www.talking-sense.co.uk