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What Do Fit Brits Want in 2018? More Hot Classes and New Tech, But We're All Too Stressed to Sleep

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According to David Lloyd Clubs, 2018 will bring with it more new fitness technology and heated classes that have evolved from hot yoga.

Elaine Denton, fitness manager from David Lloyd clubs says,

“..cutting-edge technology is being used to motivate in a group exercise environment where participants can instantly track their progress against others in the same class, allowing them to support each other, compete and push themselves harder to achieve their goals.”

This combines tech with another trend outlined by the health group which is group exercise.

Whilst Hot Yoga has been a stalwart in the UK for the last few years, Denton suggests that this will now expand to include Hot Cycling and HIIT. Other trends in physical exercise in 2018 include even more exercise taking place outside, families working out together and a surge in dance workouts that create that long and limber look.

However, stress is still so bad in the UK that David Lloyd launched their Napercise class in 2017, in which participants do nothing but sleep. The 45 mins sessions teaches participants how to unwind and get the best quality rest possible in a controlled environment. The need for controlled rest – they believe – is set to continue in 2018.

On this… we’re off for a nap ourselves.

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