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London will Become the World’s First #NationalParkCity in 2019

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Written by Battersea Yoga

At Less-Stress London, we have always been a supporter and advocate of London’s green spaces and especially the campaign to make London a National Park City. Since it was started by a small group of campaigners lead by National Geographic explorer Daniel Raven-Ellison who founded the Greater London National Park City (GLNPC) campaign in 2013, the group has worked tirelessly to get mayoral and Londoners support. It seems that it is now close to coming to fruition.

With support from Londoners, mayor Sadiq Khan and members of the London Assembly, the campaign has finally declared victory after the majority of council wards have backed the idea – 53 percent of the capital. London will become a National Park City in 2019. There is significant work to be done with the project before it is declared open, but this step is a real celebration.

The Original Plan – What Does Making London a National Park City mean?

The plan aims to encourage Londoners to enjoy, appreciate and connect with the natural world, ensure children’s access, create more green spaces and further promote sustainability, biodiversity and looking after the environment. The actual aims are

  • Ensure 100% of Londoners have free and easy access to high-quality green space
  • Connect 100% of London’s children to nature
  • Make 51% of London physically green
  • Improve London’s air and water quality, yearon year
  • Improve the richness, connectivity andbiodiversity of London’s habitats
  • Inspire the building of affordable greenhomes
  • Inspire new business activities
  • Promote London as a Green World City
  • Nurture a shared National Park City identityfor Londoners

This decision is a celebration for Green London – well done to all who got involved from the top to the bottom and remember LOVE your green spaces.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has also announced £6m of extra funding to boost green spaces and tackle plastic issues in London, he also made a comment regarding the campaign, he says:

“This extra funding will also help us race towards my goal of London becoming the first National Park City, by funding more tree planting and green spaces, especially in areas so that everyone in London can benefit from an easily accessible park, play space, or community garden.”BG

Daniel Raven-Ellison, founder of the National Park City campaign said,

“It’s been estimated that our public parks save the NHS nearly £1 billion a year in health costs, including £370 million as a result of better mental health. Making London a National Park City will help not only to make the city greener, but to increase the number of us benefitting from our public open spaces.”HW