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Nature as Nurture With Psychotherapist Claire De Boursac

Unknown 5 - Nature as Nurture With Psychotherapist Claire De Boursac
Written by James Langton
Connecting With The City’s Natural Rhythms

The pace of city life and living in an urban landscape can be exhausting and the amount of stimulation overwhelming, causing us to lose our natural balance. Even while sleeping, our bodies release stress hormones in response to the sound of sirens. Time after time, research confirms what we instinctively feel – nature calms, restores and energizes us.

Many Londoners yearn for the countryside and the restorative power of Mother Nature yet feel tied to city life. I completely understand this push-pull; my city coping strategy is to ensure healthy doses of nature and luckily, you don’t have to leave town to find a place where you can pause a while to absorb this positive, soothing force.

What I offer through Nature As Nurture is a partnership with nature.  I aim to guide and support people to receive nature’s wisdom and healing so that they can be more wholly who they are, more loving of self and more ‘well’ in every way.

Nature is in a state of constant change; her cycles of birth, death and rebirth remind us that change is natural, necessary and healthy. Through nature’s lessons, we are comforted through loss and soothed through painful transitions.  Nature inspires us to grow into our fullest selves in order to thrive.

Meditation improves concentration and leads to better health and knowledge of self. It teaches us to detach from the meaningless and to connect with both others and ourselves. By combining meditation with nature, listening to the earth and to our bodies, finding stillness in the forest and achieving a higher level of mindfulness, I help you harness the power of our natural environment to your inner human energy.

About Me

I’m a born and bred Londoner. Despite growing up in the city, I’ve always been a child of nature. Since my earliest years, earth beneath my nails and under my toes has brought delight and fired my imagination.

It’s no surprise then that nature is my place, my most sacred sanctuary, my deepest retreat and my wisest teacher. I’ve adventured, celebrated and healed in her ever-welcoming presence. I love her wildness, her strength, her fragility and her receptivity.  She continues to teach me to love and accept all these qualities (and more) in myself.

As a humanistic psychotherapist, I see a lot of clients struggling with stress, anxiety and overwhelm.  I noticed that when asked what they felt would help, many responded with ‘grounding’ or ‘stability’, using a tree or a mountain as metaphors for rooting. I’ve observed seasonal trends in people’s energy levels, desires and moods, often witnessing a tension and challenge with the change.  When we name and explore these shifts in terms of natural cycles, clients usually release their self-imposed pressure.  Allow nature to guide their body rhythms supported greater mental and physical wellbeing.

Nature entered my therapy practice organically and the next step was to complete nature-based psychotherapy training. For me, this was the completion of a circle, the natural progression of combining my own method of wellbeing in nature with my psychotherapy practice.

There are pockets of verdant space where nature presides within our concrete metropolis. Come with me and pause a while, using this beautiful and healing place to soothe, process, reconnect and find our way back to self, wholeness and wellbeing.

Morning Meditation

Find stillness in the heart of London by joining small group meditations in beautiful and serene pieces of nature across our bustling city.

These sessions include simple meditation techniques using breath, body awareness and a connection to nature.  Whether you are an experienced meditator, a complete beginner or anyone in-between, Meditation in Nature is for you.

Drop in on your way to work for a morning session, the perfect way to set the tone of the day.  Evening sessions can assist you to draw a line under the day, freeing you to enjoy your evening and a good night’s sleep.

Connecting More Deeply – An on-going group in Queen’s Wood

Are you hungry for community?

Could your relationships benefit from clearer communication?

Would you like to feel more calm, confident and comfortable in your own skin?

Do you want to feel more in touch with the natural world?

You’re invited to come together in community, in a beautiful cabin in Queen’s Wood -a tranquil, natural setting- to share stories, learn new skills and explore the natural world through the seasons.

This group is a place for self-discovery, learning and growth. Experienced psychotherapist, nature guide and well-being practitioner Claire de Boursac will support you to learn from your own deep wisdom and from each other. You will be introduced to useful theories and powerful practices to help you:

Connect more deeply to yourself:  Our most important relationship is with our self.  Yet, with the demands of life it often gets neglected.  Here, you’ll give it gentle attention, get to know your needs and honour your uniqueness. You’ll be better able to form healthy new habits to support your own well-being, including simple ‘me time’ practices.

Connect more deeply to others:  We’re social beings. Our interactions with others can be the source of great pleasure – and great pain.  We will explore interpersonal dynamics to better understand what’s going on in interactions. This can strengthen your empathy for the other and improve how you express your own needs.  You’ll learn effective communication tools to use in daily life.

Connect more deeply to the world around us:  By recognising how you’re impacted by your environment -be it workplace, home or wider landscape- you can support your own well-being by reducing elements that cause stress and overwhelm.  Through nature therapy practices and time in the beautiful woods, you’ll be able to tap into the powerful resources the natural world can offer.

The group meets 6 Wednesday mornings per term 9.30-12.00

Spring 2019: 24th April, 8th May, 22nd May, 5th June, 19th June, 10th July

Autumn 2019: 11th Sept, 25th Sept, 9th Oct, 30th Oct, 13th Nov, 27th Nov

The cost of the group is £300 per term

Click here to connect with Claire for an informal chat about working together either as part of a group or individually