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Silverfit Exercise and Fun for the Silver Generation

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Here at Less-Stress London we know that getting social isn’t always the first reason we go to a gym or movement class; it can be, but most often we keep an internal focus with no more than a few words or polite simile as we push ourselves through a tough session and head home or off to work.Unknown 5 - Silverfit

Eddie Brocklesby founder of Silverfit and a 76- year-old Grandmother understands that for the senior generations being inspired to exercise is as much about socialising regularly as part of a friendship group as the training itself.

Eddie herself is Silverfit through and through. She is the UK’s Oldest female Ironman triathlete and is still competing in ironman competitions around the world. Eddie was inspired to start Silverfit when she realised how beneficial being active and making new friends was for her own body and mind and wanted to support other Londoners of her generation to feel the same benefits.
The Silverfit recipe that is so appealing to seniors offers a sandwich format of socialising, then some exercise, and then more socializing. “It really works” says Eddie “we have a remarkably high retention rate and because we’re all about keeping it local our members often come together with their neighbours, or they may even make new friends who were living close by.

The choice of exercise and movement classes that Silverfit offer is varied; ranging from Nordic Walking, to Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Walking-Football,  Zumba and Dance. With the cheerleading classes particularly popular with the Silverfit ladies.

Silverfit is designed to be as accessible as possible, which is really the point isn’t it? with a £5.00 annual fee and classes either free or £1-£3 to attend.

Silverfit run their classes in 18 London locations across London each offering different activities and are always welcoming to new members

For further information about days and venues check out the:

Silverfit website.