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Inspire: Ariana Alexander-Sefre and Martina Dalton of Sweat & Sound

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Sweat & Sound are one of the freshest wellbeing companies in the capital, organising secret, immersive fitness events across London “for music lovers, creative spirits and curious cats”.

Less-Stress recently attended their Yoga to a live orchestra event and can vouch that it was a magic experience. Other recent events have included spinning and live grime and meditation with a harpist. (Their next event is coming up on 29th November, join their mailing list for details.).

Sweat & Sound was co-founded by Ariana Alexander-Sefre and Martina Dalton who shared a love of fitness and music. We spoke to them all about what keeps them motivated and inspired and the reality of running a business.

What do you do?

Both: We run a company called Sweat & Sound, which creates immersive, live music fitness events… In secret London locations.

What is your greatest challenge at the moment?

Ariana: We have a gigantic line up of activity for 2018! With a schedule full of events, including a large festival and some other exciting advances, we are realising our team is a little too small! After a few months, we hope to take on another person.

Martina: Running a company is more than a full time job; we live sleep and breath our business and we love it but it can sometimes prioritise over social events, friends and family and so we make a conscious effort to ensure we give ourselves a break from time to time to live a more balanced life.

What is your greatest Joy?

Ariana: Music that makes your skin tingle, and seeing the look on people’s faces during an amazing event. Nothing beats creating something that people will remember and be inspired by!

Martina: Music is also my passion, as a young girl my Dad was a DJ and was forever taking me to music events and gigs, so it’s sort of been embedded within my genes and is my emotional medicine. I always knew music would be a large part of my life which is why it is such a large part of our business- combining music seamlessly with instructors to create a feeling not possible to express in words.  

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Do you follow your own advice? 

Ariana: Probably not – but I try! I tell people to get up and do a fitness class when they’re feeling anxious, stressed, can’t sleep, can’t eat or nearly any other health concern. Being made to move is a fool-proof way of ensuring you feel better – it also makes you more creative and helps your concentration. Whenever I feel less than great, I get to a class & always leave feeling better.

Martina: I definitely try to, being the eldest sibling I have always tried to lead by example. It sounds cliché but as I grow up I am forever learning new things, I read every night without fail and it’s always around nutrition, psychology, health and fitness. My new thing is to set myself weekly and monthly goals, whether that’s to see an old friend, do something to help someone else or sleep more. I think setting goals is a great way to stay focused and make achievements.

A week never goes by without…?

Ariana: At least three fun classes, a dinner or night out with friends & a check-in for Sweat & Sound’s progress! With such big ambitions for the business, I am eager to not let a week go by without ensuring it’s improving.

Martina: Setting new goals, either in my personal life or for Sweat & Sound. Learning something new. Training at CrossFit… and recently, Meditating.


As for us, we can’t wait to attend more Sweat & Sound events and see what these inspirational women get up to in 2018.

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 Find out more about Sweat & Sound. All upcoming events listed on our site here.

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