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Inspire: Eni Adeyemo of Barbell Brunch Club

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Written by Battersea Yoga
Eni Adeyemo is only 25 and already making waves inspiring personal trainers, fitness fanatics and those who aspire to be healthier across London.  A personal trainer, blogger and founder of Barbell Brunch Club, a women-only, fitness event company that unites women from diverse backgrounds and encourages them to exercise together at fun events without fear. Find her writing on fitness and health at where she covers health, fitness and more.
After this truly interesting evening that was anything but the “fitness fluff” you can hear on many panel shows, we knew we had to include Eni in our Inspire series… Here she is:
What do you do – tell us about your career and Barbell Brunch Club?
I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. Having always worked in an office job – I am finally working in my area of passion that I spend most of my time. I plan and organise fitness events for my fitness brunch club, Barbell Brunch Club and through my blog, Eni’s Lab. Barbell Brunch Club is an all female community; uniting women of all backgrounds and fitness levels with engaging events; working out and brunching together. It was created based on the fact; I found that I often attended fitness events alone and thought as women we do sometimes find it intimidating to go to places alone. It is an opportunity to meet new people and bond. I feel like fitness is a great way to do as we all suffer the same pain in a class lol!
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What is your greatest challenge at the moment?
To be honest, I do not see anything as a challenge. There can be setbacks but I have taught myself to see the positives in every situation and turn it around for better. 

What is your greatest joy?
Helping others reach their true potential – with my blog I wanted people to reach their full potential by pushing themselves and not limiting themselves in terms of their health. I love planning events too! Has always secretly been a skill of mine!

Do you follow your own advice?
I do follow my own advice, but I am also human. I think people appreciate honest fitness. If I eat junk or something, I am very open about it. I don’t believe in unattainable health. In everything you need a balance, as long as it is in moderation. Fitness influencers should not be a world away from your average person, we are all human and people should be able to relate as you carry them on your fitness journey.

A week never goes by without…?
Eating peanut butter lol!
fbrlXPat 400x400 - Inspire: Eni Adeyemo of Barbell Brunch ClubYou can follow Eni on Instagram, @BarbellBrunchClub, @EnicoreBlimey and @Enis_Lab, Find more information on Eni on her blog and watch this space for more Barbell Brunch events.

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