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Inspire: Justine Clement of The Life Adventure

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What is it that you do, can you tell us something about The Life Adventure?

We deliver fascinating emotional wellbeing content that’s easy and entertaining to watch, read and understand.

Through both curiosity and the search for answers to my own health issues over the past 15 years, I’ve come across some amazing doctors, teachers, nutritionists, therapists and health experts. Those who have helped ordinary people, as well as celebrities and even prime ministers, get back to wellness when all else has failed. We work with them to create fascinating in-depth video workshops, talks, courses (and soon to add, retreats) that inspire both inside the workplace as well as out.

We believe this content has the power to change lives, which sounds like a serious challenge, but making this concept fun, engaging and interactive for both our community as well those involved in making it happen, is hugely important to me.

We’re still at the start of this journey and it will take time to get the platform fully loaded with amazing workshops and content that changes lives, but we’re working on it. We hope people will like what they see and that they’ll join us on this journey into helping themselves to heal emotionally, be inspired and find a new way to work, live and thrive.

To individuals visiting the site we also offer ad-free blog articles on emotional wellbeing tools, tips and techniques and on-demand video workshops for them to purchase directly online, we also work with government organisations and employee engagement platforms to deliver live talks and masterclasses, as well as provide online wellbeing content to hundreds of thousands of staff.

What is your greatest challenge at the moment?

We’re going through a re-brand from LearnShedLive – which was a brand name that meant something when we began life as a live stream platform working in a studio – to The Life Adventure which is far more synonymous with what we’re really all about.  That’s what I truly think – that life is an adventure. It’s been a huge psychological hurdle, but I think I’m now over the worst!

What is your greatest Joy?

Narrowing it down to one thing is tough. Can I have two? Even that’s difficult! Wild swimming and love.

What has The Life Adventure taught you since you founded it?

Heaps! It’s really been an extension of myself and the journey I’ve been on for the last 4 years since I left a full-time job running a company for a group of investors. Everything on the platform has been what I, too, have learned, but if there’s really one thing that stands out, it’s been to be patient with myself and celebrate along the way, however small (or great) the progress.

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A week never goes by without…?

Considering how differently things could be for us – humanity, nature, animals –  all in the world – if we just took the time to understand ourselves better. What a great quote this is and is so apt for our time,

The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war (Norman Schwarzkopf)

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