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Inspire: Scott Robinson, the Yogibanker

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Written by Battersea Yoga

Scott Robinson, Director and founder of the Yogibanker, began his journey into more holistic and spiritual ways of living back in the early 2000s. The inspiration for Yogibanker was as a result of all his dealings with many different people and practices which helped him greatly, he wanted to share what he learnt as well as bring all this together under the one platform.

Recently he has also founded monthly Meditate and Mingle evenings in the city, giving people the opportunity to come together in group meditation and socialising, a respite from city life.

What do you do?

I currently work for a large internationally active financial institution in the City of London. I am the UK head of a team that provides prudential regulatory advice relating to structured and complex financial transactions. I also run a blog that focuses on holistic and wellness practices for like-minded individuals in the City. My goal is to provide inspiration for fellow workers – to not just cope and survive, but provide a means to really thrive in their busy professional lives.

Together with my partner, I also host group meditation events, called “Meditate & Mingle“, in the City of London. (the next Meditate & Mingle is on Wednesday 6th December)

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The space at 42 Acres Shoreditch for ‘Meditate & Mingle’

What is your greatest challenge at the moment?

Balancing my busy job in the City of London with devoting time to my project, as well as having a private life! I have realised that we all need our downtime, so finding that time with a day job as well as an interesting project, means I need to be focused on delivering what I need to do and allowing some time for myself too.

What is your greatest joy?

On a personal level, my parents, my partner and the family dog! On a physical level, it is being in the mountains and skiing. On a spiritual level, it is following my dreams, and being creative. When I write, it is personal and passionate. When I look back at the content I have written on my blog, I am amazed at the ideas I have come up with, and how I have crafted together passages of prose that are heartfelt and original. It gives me much satisfaction to do this.

Do you Follow your own advice? (explain)

Well, own advice normally comes down to a gut feel, intuition. When you listen to your inner voice, you receive the answer you are looking for. There are moments during yoga and meditation, when I feel in tune with my inner voice. On a practical level, I do practice the things I discuss in my blog: I meditate and practice yoga in the morning before going to work, and I try to bring a mindful, patient attitude into my City job.

A week never goes by without…?


13566923 1738514316391258 4016395084845441123 n - Inspire: Scott Robinson, the YogibankerYou can find out more about Yogibanker at his site. Meditate & Mingle, runs monthly.

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