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Inspired Londoners #20 Louise Bartlett Creativity Coach & Yoga Teacher

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Written by James Langton

We found you teaching a yoga class addressing depression, anxiety and fatigue. You’re also a busy mother and entrepreneur how do you find calm and balance in your own life?

Finding balance is an ongoing process for me. I have come to accept that some weeks are less balanced than others and I learn to be OK with that. I practice deep breathing everyday and that helps – usually on my morning commute. I do try to carve out some ME time each week, though. Fridays are ME days. I attend a yoga class and then try to do something nice for myself in the afternoon, like lunch with a friend.

You teach a slow yoga class, do you advocate taking everything more slowly?

YES! Our modern society as a whole exists in a state of unhealthy levels of stress and expectations and this is considered normal. Our nervous system is not designed to remain in this state all the time, so it’s important that we slow things down and learn to connect our breath, our body and our emotions.

Are you ever late?

If you mean late to work or appointments and whatnot, then usually I’m not. I try to give myself extra time to get places but if I am late due to things outside of my control, then I’m late. Sometimes it just happens. I don’t dwell on it or get stressed out.

Or paradoxically does taking it slow help you find more time?

Yes, taking it slow, does really help one find more time. Deep breathing really helps to calm the nervous system and balance the body – when this happens one can easily see what’s important in life and what is not. I’ve also tried to remove things in my life that are not important or don’t contribute to my overall wellbeing.

You’ve spent a lifetime in the creative industries do you have a message for people who just don’t see themselves as creative souls, can creativity be taught?

Everyone is creative in some way! Maybe they just haven’t found out what that is yet. I’ve run many Vision Board workshops and EVERY single time people are amazed at how creative their boards are. Attendees feel that taking a day to themselves to create feels decadent, but in reality it’s vital to our wellbeing – we get to play and when we play we tap into our creative self. From there, the possibilities are endless.

What is your greatest challenge at the moment?

I currently work 4 days a week as a UX designer. I want to transition my life to teaching yoga and creativity workshops. The challenge is when to take the plunge. I’m slowly building up my side hustle so in 2019 I can transition to it full time. I see the huge benefit that yoga and creativity has on people’s lives and I want to share my experiences with as many people as possible.

What is your greatest joy?

My 5 year old little girl.

A day never goes by without?

A good cuppa.

What makes you optimistic in the world?


You’ve lived in different cities all over the world how does the energy in London compare?

London is a melting pot of many cultures, which I find really refreshing. The energy is quite high, sometimes frantic and hectic – which is why it’s even more important to slow things down a bit so you have more awareness of the world around you.

Do you have a favourite part of London and why?

I love Crystal Palace Park with all of its hidden gems – Charles Darwin’s dinosaurs, the the remains of the Great Exhibition, the concert bowl, the maze and earlier this year they opened the original subway train station entrance which demonstrates fine Art Deco design. It’s a beautiful Victorian pleasure garden filled with surprises.

Louise runs regular slow yoga classes as well as creative vision board workshops in south east London. For further information, dates and times check out