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19 Newman Street,, Central London, London W1T 1PF

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With two of their five superb spa destinations located within the borough of Camden; Spa & Massage Belsize Park, and Spa & Massage Fitzrovia both have no-booking policies that mean heading in their direction could be your simplest decision at the end of a stressful day

All Spa and Massage therapists work under the direct supervision of in house physiotherapists, meaning clients receive enhanced benefits from their massage therapy sessions. The same in-house physiotherapists can tailor make treatment plans bespoke to each individual client’s needs and are available to answer individual health and medical questions and concerns.

The Spa and Massage company takes a holistic approach to health by looking at the body as a whole rather than focusing on individual factors of an injury or illness. By using massage therapy and body manipulation techniques they can help alleviate emotional, as well as physical pain without the need for prescription pills.

After a brief consultation with a physiotherapist we are able to advise on the type of massage treatment best suited for the client's needs and goals. Our physiotherapist will also advise and suggest lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise that will help make a positive impact on the client's wellbeing. They are able to consult on a one off treatment or for long term. Once the consultation is complete, our physiotherapist will work closely with our massage therapists for the most suitable treatment plan to alleviate pain and improve general wellbeing.


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