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Buddhism: A Major Exhibition at The British Library November 2019 – January 2020

Gold painting of Amitabha Bodhisattva Amida Buddha in a scroll containing the Lotus Sutra Japan 1636 c British Library Board 1 - Buddhism: A Major Exhibition at The British Library November 2019 - January 2020
Written by James Langton

How did Buddhism grow from its beginnings in 6th-century BCE India to having over 500 million international followers today? How did the life of the Buddha unfold? What inspires Buddhist practice

Featuring rare and colourful scrolls, painted wall hangings and folding books, Buddhism will highlight the outstanding art contained within Buddhist manuscripts and early printed works by shining a light on the British Library’s lesser-known treasures from across the world, reaching far beyond a UK audience.

Meet the women whose stories are told through Buddhist scripture. Admire artefacts made by hand in a setting inspired by a Buddhist temple. From sacred texts written on tree bark, palm leaves and gold plates to exquisite silk scrolls of major sutras, follow the life of the Buddha and his previous incarnations. Find out how Buddhism was pivotal in developing writing and printing techniques, transmitting ideas and stories across Asia. Lose yourself in a natural soundscape.

Contemporary art from Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan and ritual objects used in contemplative practice provide a window into everyday life in Buddhist communities in the 21st century. Understand current customs and beliefs, gain insight into meditation, and experience the feeling of stepping into a monastic library.

Mindfulness. Compassion. Tolerance. Many of us have heard of the principles of Buddhism. Discover their origins, see beautiful artworks, and understand what these concepts mean for Buddhists in the world today.

Where: The British Library 96 Euston Road London NW1 2D

When: October 25th – February 23rd

Exhibition Pricing

Full Price: £14.00 | Senior 60+: £12.00 | Student: £7.00 | Registered Unemployed: £7.00 | Disabled: £7.00 |

National Art Pass: £6 | Senior: £6.00 | 18-25: £7.00 |  Child 12-17: £7.00 | Children 11 & Under Free Entry