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Fierce Embodiment Returns to London Saturday September 22nd Unleash Your Feminine Power

Unleash London WS MarcelaWidrig 810x466 - Fierce Embodiment Returns to London Saturday September 22nd

Marcela Widrig and her Fierce Embodiment trauma release process returns to London from California this September offering a brand new workshop Unleash Your Feminine Power. Here is what she has to say.

“When we disconnect from our lower bodies, it leaves us with an intangible feeling that we are missing something; something vital that feels out of our grasp. And we are. We are missing ourselves, we are missing our wildness, we are missing our deep sense of connection”

“The masculine, western world demands that we be strong, independent, focused, strategic, efficient, so we can “get shit done” better and faster than anyone else. Our value is often defined by how much we have accomplished and in how little time”.

“The result is that many of us engage in activities that only involve the upper half of our body. We constantly use our brains to organize, plan, strategize and assess while minimizing our intuitive, expansive nature. We work on our devices 6-12 hours a day and narrow our talents in order to be more rational, reasonable and efficient. We think linearly, and as we check off our to do lists, we are sure we’re “making sense” and moving ahead”.

“We diligently follow the rules given to us, and in doing so, we push down  the potent forces of our fierceness, sensuality and instinct. We become predictable”

“This workshop is designed for women who are physically and mentally tired of following the rules, of being good girls, of approaching life in such a driven and masculine way. It is for those of you who wish to tap into a deeper source of energy, one you know is there and have been longing for, and to remember the deep physical connection and wildness we hold in our bodies”.

“If you are exhausted from focusing, tired from strategizing, and stressed from the overall pressure of getting things done, then this workshop will drop you into the under-utilized, physical strength, creative energy and powerful life force that are held in a woman’s body”.

In this dynamic workshop…

  • You’ll develop a profound connection to your lower body through moving your feet, legs, hips and pelvic areas in various sizes, shapes and rhythms.
  • You’ll access and release the life forces of rage, fervor and undeniable sensuality.
  • You’ll deepen this connection and flow through a variety of breathing and movement exercises with the low belly.
  • You’ll access the power of the womb through breath and embodiment practices.
  • You’ll become aware of how and when you lose connection to your lower body and how to simply re-connect.
  • You’ll recognize the way rules narrow and limit your outlook and options and learn to move beyond them as a woman, unleashed, wise and wild.

The Practice

Throughout the workshop, we’ll nourish the deeper energy that sustains us and learn its importance in our everyday choices.All of the movement training and embodiment practices are designed so you can continue to train and explore on your own, where ever you are.


Where: The Light Centre Moorgate 114 London Wall EC2 M 5QA

Cost $175.00

Class Size: Maximum 18 Women

Class Schedule: Saturday 9am – 5-30pm (lunch break 1-2-30)

This is a movement workshop, where comfortable clothes

Cancellation details are on the booking page