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Find Your Inborn Voice & Master Your Identity Sunday November 24th With International Vocal Coach Mylena Orrigi

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How many of us fail to recognise our own voice when we hear it recorded?

Is it possible that how you speak, the timbre and tone of your voice is the key to your innermost identity?

Can learning to find and use your authentic voice remove past emotional blocks?

International voice coach Mylena Orrigi brings her unique voice and identity workshop to London this November.

With this Workshop, one of its kind, Mylena Vocal Coach will let you immerse in the most inner part of your voice to reach and touch your true identity.

The event is experiential, working holistically in groups to unearth your unique vocal signature.

There will be no theory part, no slides or other gimmicks: only real work.

The event will not touch the singing sphere, even though participants may receive dramatic improvement in their singing due to the removal of past emotional blocks.

The Inborn Voice method

Our voice should be able to make each of us recognisable to others, yet few are aware of the power the voice holds to express our personalities perfectly.

We are all born with an innate unique voice as individual as a fingerprint. The inborn voice method is the means to claim your authentic voice, the one you had before all the social and cultural conditioning of the past. Inborn voice will let you wipe away all the defects that have ‘ruined’ your voice. After the training you will be able to express your emotions easily and naturally once more.

The Inborn Voice method deals in everything that is related to the Voice from a 360°.perspective.

Mylena not only works with the technical aspect of the voice alone, she goes deeper and embraces the full potential the human Voice has to offer. The method helps us remember that our voice is the only way we have to let people truly listen to our deepest being.

When: Sunday November 24th 10am – 6pm
Where: St Giles London Hotel Bedford Avenue Bloomsbury WC1B 3GH
Investment: £320 + Booking Fee
Further Information

You must take with you a Yoga mat and\or a blanket for making yourself comfortable.

Is there an age limit?

Minimum age is 16, with an adult tutoring participating at the workshop (exception possible, just ask).

What to bring or to leave home?

Bring a Yoga mat, leave anything else.

Do I have to bring the printed ticket with me?

Only if you are not the person whose name is on the ticket.

What is the refund policy?

Simple. No refund, even for not showing up.

What if the event is cancelled?

If the event is cancelled, you will be completeley refunded.

For further information about this unique workshop or to enquire about working with Mylena on an individual basis.
Contact Mylena Vocal Coach
Cost £320