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Join Just Breathe London & The Quiet Club Monthly Community Gatherings Learning to Live Mindfully in The Real World

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Just Breathe is a community project with a simple mission, to turn the volume down and bring the conversation of modern mindfulness and meditation into the real world. Launched in London in 2016, Just Breathe has created moments of mass mindfulness and opportunities for real human connection through events, gatherings, community projects and charitable initiative. Founded by Michael James Wong, Just Breathe is helping to create impact and change in the real world to help people live mindfully, every single day.

Quiet Club, by Just Breathe is our monthly community gathering where we come together for real human connection and conversation. Join us each month as we host an intimate gathering that brings together new and old friends for an evening of quiet conversation on what it means to live mindfully in the real world. Hosted by Michael James Wong, Founder of Just Breathe, we’ll discuss the monthly topic, explore new mindfulness techniques, learn more about the practice of modern mindfulness and close the night together with a group meditation

What starts as an evening of strangers, always ends with a group of friends. All are welcome, as long you’re willing to Just Breathe

Dates: 15 10 18 | 12 11 18 | 13 12 18 | 

Venue: Mortimer House Loft 37–41 Mortimer Street, Fitzrovia London W1T 3JH