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New Year’s Eve Crystal Bowl Sound Bath + Healing with Himesh Gohil Central London

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About this Event

A fabulous way to feel amazing as you see in the new year.

You’re invited to an evening to relax with beautiful sound healing and energy channelling with Himesh.

This is an evening to relax and receive waves of energy through, sound, light and intention. Whether you want to reduce stress, work to relieve physical or emotional tension or just relax and receive on this event, this evening will serve your mind, body and spirit.


Himesh will work with sound waves primary using crystal bowls to assist in clearing and integration for the energy body and all related physical and non-physical systems in the human condition. The sound vibrates at a frequency which can allow the systems to heal, release or grow.


Himesh will channel energy transmissions and healing light to work on the energetic system. This works in conjunction with the sound healing to allow for a deeper and nourishing experience of love, healing, integration and relaxation.


The evening will start with a short guided meditation to relax you into the space which will move into an hours long sound bath and transmission healing. We will finish off with a grounding meditation.

Doors open at 7:00PM and the event will start promptly at 7:30PM.

Doors will close at 7:40PM as once the meditation starts, we will not be able to admit any more attendees.

Yoga mat, backjacks and blankets are provided.

You may want to bring an extra blanket, additional layers, pillow, eye mask, bottle of water

When: December 31st 7-30 – 9pm

Where: Light Centre Belgravia 7-9 Eccleston Street SW1 W 9LX

Cost: Sliding Scale of affordability : £12.00 – £20.00 + booking fee


About Himesh

Himesh has developed a structured and grounded spiritual practice which he has a passion to share with the community. He loves talking about how to develop powerful spiritual structures and helping others find their own unique gifts.

Himesh specialises in clearing energetic blocks, emotional trauma and mental obstacles in a rounded energetic cleansing therapy. He is a master of energy flow and intuitively directs energy with a skill developed from a study of Eastern Mystical, Central American Shamanic and Western Energetic spiritual practices.