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The First Biodanza class of the year with Shake London – Bring A Friend for Free Thursday's at The Place - Bloomsbury

4 - The First Biodanza class of the year with Shake London – Bring A Friend for Free
Written by James Langton

A safe space to explore your own organic dance, to find and continue to experience your own unique creative expression through a group experience. Life is about connection, creativity, joy, and a generous listening to others. It is about being in alignment so that your body, mind and spirit are all singing the same song.
Biodanza is a doorway to a new of living through the movement of your body.
There are no steps to learn, just the music, your movement, the group experience and some gentle guidance.

What is an Open Session?

Open sessions happen on the first Thursday of each month and are designed to encourage and support people who are new to Biodanza. People new to Biodanza can of course come and are welcome in all weekly classes, however, open session are tailored to to accommodate the new dancer.

Bring a Friend for Free

To help grow our Biodanza community we would love you to bring a friend for free to the open sessions. Please note that the friend must be new to Biodanza. Simply bring them along on the night and there will be no extra fee.

When: Thursday 9th January 7-30 – 9:pm

Where: The Place 22 Duke’s Road WC1 H 9PY

Cost:  single class £12 | 5 Class block £50 | 10 class block £90 Single class concession £8

Please note that the entrance to ‘The Place’ is on Flaxman Terrace and the session will be held in Studio 9 

Contact for booking information www.shakelondon.co.uk

[email protected]
What is Biodanza

A powerful body-based coaching system with profound effects on reducing stress and enhancing a sense of wellbeing that gives rise to the creation of deeper connections to oneself, intimacy and empathy with others and the world around us.

An extraordinary workshop that worked on many levels. At times I felt the vibration of energy as it shifted and moved to the music. My emotions felt liberated from being incarcerated into a societal stereotype of ‘normality’. I felt expansion, an awakening, a natural rhythm with the flow of life. A beautifully constructed workshop that blended the diversity of the group with Sue James’s vibrant essence. Afterwards, I felt as if I’d been bathed in light and floated home!

Nikki Owen FPSA Performance Breakthrough Expert, Global Thought Leader on Charisma, Award Winning Speaker & Author