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The Path of The Conscious Man – Mens’ Workshop With Morgan Arundel at The Tara Centre: Old Street

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We are not men only because of our physical bodies – we become men when our masculinity is fully developed.

Yet in the modern world men are often caught between two disharmonious poles – the ‘Macho Man’ and the ‘Wimp’. The Macho Man’s insecurities manifest as bravado or aggression through which he attempts to hide his shortcomings. The Wimp lacks confidence in his masculinity and in himself, afraid to make decisions, voice his real opinion and make his mark on the world.

The aim of this workshop is to learn how to harmonise these two poles and to understand what true masculinity is, From this understanding we can begin to work towards building a masculinity that comes from deep within our being, is harmonious and polarises the feminine.

When: Saturday 9th November 18:30 21:30 

Where Tara Yoga Centre: 25-31 Ironmongers Row EC1V 3QW

With Morgan Arundel at The Tara Yoga Centre

£33.00 + Commission