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Join Lisa Hatton’s Breathwork Journey 2020 Jan/Feb Dates Thursdays / Sundays: North London

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Written by James Langton

Join this amazing workshop to discover the power of your very own breath and how to unlock its immense potential. Experience the deep peace and tranquillity – that can be found right underneath your nose!

Regular practice is the key to reaping the wide range of physical, emotional and mental benefits that Transformational Breath® can generate in your life.

If you’ve already experienced Transformational Breath® come and be a part of this open and supportive group, reconnect, nurture and nourish yourselves. (If you have done other conscious connected breathing please be in touch before booking.)

Breathe life into your life! It’s a great opportunity to receive facilitation and delve deeper into your practice, where you can be guided to open up your breathing even more fully.

Benefits of improving your breathing:

•Feel positive and energised
•Let go of old emotional baggage and gain a sense of freedom
•Release anxiety and alleviate stress and depression
•Move beyond whatever is standing between you and your happiness
•Become aware of emotions halting your personal growth
•Develop a new dimension to your yoga, running and other practices
•Experience deeply nourishing relaxation
•Open your breath and expand your life

Introductory workshops are also offered to newcomers.

Remember to wear loose, comfortable clothing and please bring a bottle of water with you.

When: Thursdays 9th Jan | 23rd Jan | 13th Feb | 27th Feb : 7-30 -9pm

Sunday 19th Jan (Yogaloom  Studio N10) –   Sunday 9th Feb (Special Session)

Where: Coolhurst Tennis & Squash Club Coolhurst Road N8 8EY

Cost: Regular Thursday sessions  £25 + booking fee

NOTE – You can transfer to another date with 48 hours notice.
What Previous Participants Say About Breath Journey Evenings

“Thank you so much to you both. You literally are so loving and caring I felt really comfortable and in safe hands. I am actually amazed as I had no plans to cry and didn’t think that was gonna happen. I am in the best place I have ever been even though I have so much shit going on but I feel strong and I feel that I can face it all. I know that I will be fine no matter what. I never had that before. I lived a life full of uncertainty and fear. I know now and accept the uncertainty and fear because I will deal with it. xxxxxx”

“ I love spending time with beautiful people at these events and finding peace with a technique I can always return to” “Absolutely amazing, I love these workshops” “ this workshop went deep for me, I felt safe and held well, to go to a very powerful place and deal with trauma – by the end I felt connected and loved”. “Felt similar to an ayahuasca ceremony, except I feel I could integrate easier”.

About Your Facilitator Lisa Hatton

Lisa has been involved with breathwork for nearly 20 years.  As well as being a Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Group Leader she is also a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner and Coach.  In addition, Lisa has a wealth of experience in bodywork.  Her love for breathwork has taken her around the world, including volunteering in a Mexican prison.Having experienced profound changes in her own life, Lisa is eager to share her passion with people from all walks of life.  She provides space for them to connect with themselves on a deeper level, enjoy better physical and mental health, better relationships and better mental clarity. Breathwork and coaching improve confidence, focus and productivity.  They also offer a way to deal with stress more creatively, alleviate fatigue and release/integrate “negative” memories and emotions (such as anger, fear, guilt, blame, shame and depression) which allows for greater access to our innate joy.