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North London: 8 Week Mindfulness Course Starts February 5th With Anna Zannides & Mindfulness Approach

amy humphries cFIrOY6fqNY unsplash 810x620 - North London: 8 Week Mindfulness Course Starts February 5th
Written by James Langton

An eight week Mindfulness course recognised in the UK Good practice guidelines

There are several ways to bring Mindfulness into your life. One way is to take an accredited UK Listed eight week course with Anna Zannides who is accredited to teach the Mindfulness Based Living Course.

When: Starting Wednesday 5th February 7pm – 9pm

Where: St. Andrew’s Church, Southgate, N14 5PP

Cost: £270 (payment plan and concessions available)

For further Information contact Anna directly  Tel: 07518 018 088 Insta: @mindfulnessapproach E: [email protected]

The course unfolds week by week gently raising your mind’s consciousness towards greater sensitivity and awareness. Each week has a specific topic

introduction Session:What is Mindfulness and Why Practice it?

Week One: Start Where We are

Week Two: The Body as a Place to Stay Present

Week Three: Introducing Mindfulness Support

Week Four: Working with Distraction

Week Five: Exploring the Undercurrent

Week Six: Attitude of the Observer

Week Seven: Self-acceptance

Week Eight: A Mindfulness Based Life

You don’t need to be unwell or unhealthy to practice Mindfulness, you just need a genuine desire to live and feel better. Whether you are drawn to Mindfulness to ease stress, relieve depression, improve performance or even to achieve spiritual enlightenment, this mindfulness course is for you.

We all experience challenges and struggles at times, it is part of being human. It is often impossible to control our external environment, things change in an instant and the unexpected can hit us at any time, the only choice we have is to learn how to live better with all that life may bring.  Mindfulness can help build our inner strength and reliance so that we are not dragged down so easily when life isn’t the way we would wish it to be.

More About Anna

I began my formal Mindfulness training with the Mindfulness Association and continued training with The University of Bangor where I completed the MBLC for Cancer. I am a UK listed Mindfulness teacher with over five years of experience as a practitioner and teacher.

I specialised in Mindfulness for Cancer, after I was given the opportunity to work with Cancer support centres. I also work with people from all walks of life, using my life experience to help people through their personal struggles, be it divorce/separation, stress at work, depresssion, addiction and of course schools.

To make sure I am well placed to support those I work with I recently trained as a life coach with NLP. I feel combining coaching with mindfulness is empowering because whilst using mindfulness to raise self awareness and learning how to tame our mind, coaching adds action and forward thinking enabling us to reach our goals.



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