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Unwind Your Mind (with mindfulness) 8 Week Course Starting 19th September NW1 With Fiorenza Rossini

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People say that mindfulness is the most important skill they’ve learned for regaining control over their lives and reducing stress.

Imagine you could relax, let go of your worries.
Imagine you could focus on this delightfully crisp breeze on your skin, for just one minute.
How would this feel?

Mindfulness has been gathering much attention over recent years as a scientifically tried-and-tested method of reducing stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness offers you a natural wayt o feel balanced, settled, and in control of your life. It’s also a great way for your mind to calm down and relax, focusing on the present moment as opposed to the past or the future.

Mindfulness is not just for those who can meditate for hours.
Mindfulness is not just for avid yoga practitioners.
Mindfulness is for you. It’s possible to bring mindfulness to life with UNWIND, my Mindfulness course.


  • Learn how to cope with pressure so you can detach from it with ease and keep enjoying your life.
  • Discover how to have a work-life balance so that you have time to enjoy your life.
  • Learn different ways to practice mindfulness so it can support you as and when you need it.
  • Understand your stress triggers so you know how to calm yourself when you feel stressed.


We will meet once a week for 8 weeks in London, and I will teach you how to practice mindfulness, meditate and the essential skills of mindfulness.

Each session is 55 minutes long and there will be a mindfulness practice to work on personally in between sessions.

It’s a perfect fit if you are a complete beginner or whether you want to deepen your practice.

This course is based on the proven Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).



  • Please note that you must take this course in full (these are not drop-in classes).
  • If you cannot attend the first class, please let the organiser know.
  • If you would like to use a yoga mat during the class, please make sure to bring your own.
About Fiorenza: 

Fiorenza Rossini is a Happiness & Mindset Coach and a Mindfulness Teacher.

Fiorenza coaches stressed over-workers and over-achievers reclaim their balance and finally find their happy.
She has trained in NLP, Co-Active Coaching Model and is a member of the International Coach Federation.

As a passionate advocate of mindfulness and its health benefits, she has trained in Oxford with Mindfulness Now, an innovative training based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) proven methods.