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London Karate Helps Paediatric Nurses Beat Their Stress

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Written by James Langton

Working with critically ill children at a paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) surely has to be one of the most stressful jobs imaginable, yet perhaps a session at a south London Karate dojo is not the first thing that comes to mind to help paediatric nurses cope with the intense demands of their workplace.

In fact no matter how rewarding or demanding for every PICU worker it’s vital to learn how to level out the emotional highs and lows of such a challenging workplace environment.

On the frontline there is very little space for personal stress. Every day you are communicating critical information to parents and family members who are themselves trying to hold it together for their loved ones, but karate? Surely a gentle yoga nidra session would be more appropriate.

And yet perhaps this is to fundamentally misunderstand the principles of karate where despite common belief and it’s fierce reputation true students of karate believe in non-violence and the highest standards of respect and compassion for yourself, your sensei (instructor) and your opponent.

Tom Abbosh is the sensei for the Renshinkan Karate Dojo at Waterloo and he organised the stress busting session for the paediatric nurses as part of their team building day.

For Tom teaching the fundamentals of karate to help the nurses makes perfect sense “ You need  immense emotional strength and courage to work with desperately ill children and our practice teaches that a strong karate trained body brings forth rewards of care, compassion and sensitivity, I learnt so much from the PICU team and I think our session really connected with the spirit of the day for them”.

Contact Renshinkan London for three free try-out sessions – or four free try-out sessions for you and a friend – at their beginner classes every Monday.
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