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New Aqua Yoga Classes starting in Peckham Mondays March/ April No Mat Required

vincent anderson 543743 unsplash 810x540 - New Aqua Yoga Classes starting in Peckham Mondays March/ April
Written by James Langton

Aqua Yoga is a low impact pool exercise that revolves around performing a series of Yoga poses in warm hydro pool. These sessions helps you develop:

1. Strength
2. Motion Range
3. Optimum Stretch With the Release of Gravity

More benefits of Aqua Yoga include:

1. The breathing rhythm achieves inner relaxation
2. The water movement strengthens the body while relieving tension
3. Great for all body types, shapes sizes, ethnicity and abilities
5. Extremely beneficial for individuals recovering from strokes, pregnant women, and individuals coping with arthritis
6. Suitable for individuals with join limitations, as well as those with little to no joint power (especially knees, ankles & hips)
8. It will be a fun practise in a safe, judgement free environment.

Hydro Pool: The lesson will take place at the venues hydrotherapy pool especially heated to help ease of movement in a therapeutic environment.

Where: Cherry Garden School 41 Bellenden Road Peckham SE15 5BB

When: March/April Mondays 11.03 | 18.03 | 25.03 | 01-04

Time 5-30 pm – 6-30 pm

Numbers: Only ten people per class – Fun Private Supportive.

What to Bring? No Yoga mat required! Just a comfortable swimming costume and your towel. Lockers showers and  changing facilities are close to the pool.

Drop in £22.00 booking essential

Book all four weeks £75.00


About Donna

Feeling stressed managing your life this way, feeling you have very little control of your life.Are you overwhelmed trying to find a way that will help you control your life, not allowing yourself to explore and do the things you are passionate about?

Do you find that you are on a perpetual cycle of attending countless self- development, mindfulness classes or trying out the next craze of how to relax?

That was me too until one day a friend made me aware of an approach that was different.

This one conversation started me on the amazing journey to where I am today.

With a simple understanding, a transformational new approach I was finally able to “go with the flow” and trust my innate wellbeing, and can say that my life has been truly revolutionised.