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New South London Mens Group Starting September: Taster Brunch Sunday 28th July

max sandelin 7cK9VNvAqKQ unsplash 1140x760 - New South London Mens Group Starting September:
Written by James Langton
We’ll meet at 11 Hilly Fields, Brockley, London, SE4 1QA for a 11am start
Then we’ll circle up, with a check in, sharing where we are at in our lives
Followed by a bonding exercise and also tapping into understanding our emotions and feelings to better allow ourselves to recognise our own needs and desires.
At 1pm we will break for lunch and continue to talk in a more casual way until around 3:30pm where will finish for the day with a chance to ask any questions that may have arisen.
It’s a great way to meet men who have already been part of a weekly group and bond with other men who are looking to join the new group starting in September. It will be £15 for the afternoon to help cover the cost of lunch.
This is in the lead up to beginning a new weekly mens group from Thursday 5th of September

This series of groups are a way of accessing change, happiness, healing and empowerment in our lives through a mixture of group therapy, shamanic practice, meditation, discussion and other group exercises.

We start the evening sharing a light meal of homemade soup and bread before retreating to our purpose built meeting space.

As a circle of Men we create a safe, supportive, confidential, welcoming group to share and discuss the issues around being a man. Everyone and every part of them is welcome.

It’s a way to put ourselves on a conscious path in life, being accountable and responsible for our lives. Searching for purpose, for connection and to be rid of any bullshit conditioning, wounds and limiting beliefs we have picked up along the way.


Because it’s needed.

The biggest cause of death of Men under 45 in the UK is suicide.

So many of us feel isolated, unable to speak about deeper issues with our friends and family. Some feel lost, others depressed and some simply want more from relationships and life but are unsure how.

We have lost a lot of our connection to the older generation of men, our initiation rituals into adult no longer exist and the world we live in and the expectations of us within it are constantly changing.

So this group and work helps you to find a deep bound with other men and connect with your true-self.

WITH Leandro D’Andrea

My aim is to empower and heal people while bringing them back in harmony with nature. In these busy, modern times it is easy to feel lost, powerless and displaced, uncertain of our role in this world or unable to find a sense of happiness and direction.

Here in London I hold weekly Men’s Groups to create a space for men to benefit from the transformational healing of Men sharing at a deeper level. Here we learn to trust in other men and ourselves, while making commitments to live our lives on a more conscious level true to the values of honesty, integrity, responsibility and accountability. We support each other in taking back ownership of our lives and waking up to a mindful existence.

I also offer Shamanic healing sessions on a one to one basis in London for those out there seeking a connection to an older sense of spirituality, one connected to the seasons, nature, animals, plants and our ancestors.

For Further Information   [email protected]