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Unleash Your Urban Goddess Day Retreat: Crystal Palace With Sibylle Koelbl

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Life can be hectic in big cities and many times you might feel ANYTHING else but a goddess. Day in day out there is a busy flow of work, social gatherings and commutes with little time to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

But what if you received the knowledge, tools and tricks on how to implement little things that will make a BIG difference in your life?

  • What if as a result you’d be more relaxed, joyful and took every day life less personally?
  • What if you knew how to handle difficult situations with a calm heart and the right words to say?
  • What if you found yourself concentrating on what you want with laser focus dropping all the things with no benefit
  • What if there was less drama in your life?

If your answer is yes then be prepared for that Sunday to rock your boat.

1. We will start creating awareness of potential pitfalls, unnecessary situations and drama in your life and you will get the tools on how to start implementing changes.
2. On top of that you will learn how to administer your energy levels in a balanced way and schedule your life accordingly.
3. And last but not least you will really understand and unify the different parts of yourself that might be pulling you in different directions

And if that wasn’t enough already you will get a 30 minute catch up with me 4 weeks after the retreat to make sure you have everything you need to kick a** on your quest to being uniquely YOU!

Here are the logistical info’s for the day:
The retreat will run from 10am – 6pm in Crystal Palace, South East London
You will have loads of snacks, cold and warm drinks and an amazing lunch including the best gourmet chocolate brownies you could ever imagine.

When: All Day Sunday 30th June

Where: Crystal Palace – Use signup form for precise venue details

About Your Guide: Sibylle 

Hi, I am Sibylle and I love living in the concrete jungle! For many years my life in a big city challenged me to the point of exhaustion. I was constantly running around like a Duracell bunny thinking that’s life. I hardly questioned my lifestyle and spent most of my free time and money trying to rest and recover from my Monday – Friday hustle.

Deep down I knew something was off and I kept thinking that it must be the hustle and bustle that makes me sad and sick. So I kept chasing retreats, workshops, teacher trainings and long periods of living in totally different cultures in an attempt to be happy. And whilst I was doing all this I was totally in tune with myself and happy. Logically life becomes easier when you don’t work and don’t have to worry about food on your plate.

But something kept pulling me back into an urban environment and a few years ago I finally understood something. For me personally it wasn’t about escaping my life here in London whenever I could – it was much more about integrating all of the teachings to make my life as awesome as possible. Right here, right now. In the middle of rush hour. Surrounded by polarities, different cultures and various situations or people triggering me. It was about getting to know myself so well that I could consciously make choices in life instead of blindly following everyone else.

I knew I needed to make a change and so I set off on my quest to finding true happiness. And I tried a lot of different things. Yoga, meditation, healing, various religious studies, breathing, more yoga, retreats, plant medicine, more workshops and more yoga….. the list goes on and many of the teachings were very, very abstract. They sounded amazing but not really applicable in a normal life living in a big, expensive city without having 6 hours a day to spare for various morning, lunch time and evening practices. Or it feeling like a military drill with loads of to do lists.

So I intuitively created my own rhythm and adjusted various tools until I have found my sweet spot. The result is a mix of shamanic and yogic practices, shadow work and deep dives into my heart, intuition and inner wisdom. All practices point back to the innate knowing inside of my, my cells and body and today I thrive. I love. I laugh. And I grow, every day again