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Regular Conscious Breathing Classes Wednesday Evenings: Richmond

Just Breathe copy 3 - Regular Conscious Breathing Classes Wednesday Evenings: Richmond
Written by James Langton

Alleviate the effects of city life with the power of your Breath! Join our Wednesday evening classes, dedicated to unlocking the benefits of conscious breathing.

Our breath is the bridge linking mind and body, scientifically proven to radically improve our physical health, emotional and mental state of being. Breathing techniques are now being recognised for their benefits by anyone interested in optimising their well-being and performance from elite athletes to city executives.

You will be led through a series of breathing flows – based on the Diaphragmatic Breathing, Wim Hoff method and
Transformational Breathing – by Breathzone founder, Melike Hussein.

This 60min class is a powerful hour for all aspects of your well-being that will:

– strip away any mind clutter and distraction
– reduce stress and re-balance to calm and relax
– enhance mental focus and productivity
– nourish fatigued muscles, improve endurance
– Bring you back in full connection with yourself.

Join us to learn and develop new set of skills and highly effective Breathing practices that you can use at work (yes, you can even practice these in the office) and in all aspects of your life.

You will awaken your senses and leave on a natural high like no other.

Where: bhuti Richmond
When: Sept. – 11th | 18th Oct. – 9th | 16th | 23rd Nov. – 6th | 13th | 20th | 27th | Dec. – 4th | 11th

No equipment needed. Yoga mats and blankets will be provided. Please wear loose, comfortable and warm clothes. We also suggest bringing a bottle of water with you. These classes are suitable for newcomers to Breathworks as well as experienced breathers alike.


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Melike is a Conscious Mindful Breathing Coach and Certified Transformational Breath® Workshop Leader having trained with modern breath-work masters around the world. She is the founder of Breathzone, a company dedicated to sharing the empowering and transformational possibilities of Breath-work.

With over 15 years of experience in senior finance roles in technology companies and consultancies, Melike understands the importance of finding fast and effective tools that individuals can proactively use – to manage their stress, anxieties and other life’s challenges – especially in the workplace as well as in all aspects of their lives.

Melike’s own experiences with Breath-works have completely shifted her life. With the effectiveness and ease of breath work practices she developed over the years, Melike helps uncover potential of human beings when they know how to connect to their own resources. She is extremely passionate about sharing his powerful practise to help others thrive.

Melike has a unique, science-based approach in her coaching, based on the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, empowering her clients for long-lasting change. She offers bespoke breath work based programmes designed to help her clients de-stress, re-balance, and boost creativity and performance by learning to tap into the natural power of Breathing.

She works with individuals, institutions and businesses enabling them to reach their full potential.

Breathzone delivers unique science-based breath-work programmes that help individuals, groups and businesses to reach their full potential by utilising the transformative power of Breath

Our private sessions, workshops and events help improve focus, creativity and performance, increase energy, confidence, alleviate stress, anxiety, enable calm and relaxation.